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News Clash

WATCH: US Journalist PHYSICALLY Removed From UN Conference… His Press Pass CONFISCATED

UN proudly supports freedom of the press… except when the press begins to report stories about them.

A journalist from the Daily Caller wasn’t willing to be pushed around at a UN conference in India. A Canadian news crew caught THIS on video.

Here’s Faith Goldy’s report on the issue:

It’s not the first time United Nations legislative body’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) has barred international media from their events.

But this time, there was protest:

On Tuesday, The Daily Caller’s Drew Johnson defiantly entered the conference hall and sat in one of the chairs that was designated for members of the media who were otherwise quarantined outside.

That’s when Johnson was accosted by several members of COP7’s security alongside WHO organizers.

Johnson was physically carried outside of the conference and had his media credentials ripped from the lanyard around his neck.

Here’s the Drew Johnson’s own tweet about it:

There was a motion at the end of one meeting that barred all media access to any further proceedings. The motion passed in with 100% support. Including delegates from ‘democratic’ Western nations.

THIS is why we NEED a free (and impartial!) press.

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