Published on November 6, 2016

Where are those smug boasts about inroads into Red States now? Does THIS look like someone swaggering to victory?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategists are sending the candidate to Grand Rapids, Michigan to steady her campaign in the state after a late polling surge by Donald Trump – and sending President Obama there for insurance.

The rush to Michigan was a surprise move on the chess game that takes place over the final days of the campaign – and an implicit acknowledgment about potential weaknesses in Clinton’s ‘firewall,’ even as she got a boost from Hispanic voters in other battlegrounds.

President Obama will travel to Ann Arbor Michigan, home to the University of Michigan’s 40,000-plus students, on the same day his would-be successor will be there, Clinton’s campaign team told reporters traveling with the candidate to Philadelphia – another heavily Democratic enclave that Clinton hopes will help deliver Pennsylvania’s state’s 20 electoral votes.
The moves are an acknowledgement that Trump’s constant overtures to working class whites and and anti-trade appeal has taken hold in parts of the industrial Midwest that are the basis for Clinton’s wide lead over Trump in the electoral college.

…On Friday, the Detroit Free Press released a poll showing Clinton leading Trump by just 4 points in a state that has been considered part of her ‘blue firewall.’ It was a four-point gain for Trump compared to a few weeks before.

It showed Trump making inroads in the state’s Macomb County, home to many ‘Reagan Democrats’ that helped hand the Gipper his victory in 1980. Democrats were also underperforming in vote-rich Oakland County.

Daily Mail

Maybe they’ve come to the some of the same conclusions that Michael Moore has. You will remember his video, right? (Language warning):

What if the working class has read enough reports of Million-dollar gifts for five minute political meetings. Maybe they’ve paid one too many insurance premium increases?

What if they’ve been screwed over by Democrats one too many times?

What if they’re looking for change?

Would this explain Hillary’s sudden need to shore up Michigan?

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