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WIKILEAKS: Podesta Was Warned To ENCRYPT Sensitive Info In Email — In 2008

John Podesta was warned about using private email during the transition of the Administrations of Bush and Obama. How do we know?



John Podesta, the Clinton campaign chairman whose hacked emails have exposed countless Democratic secrets to the world, was warned in 2008 to start protecting sensitive documents “by at least encrypting them.”

The warning came in an unencrypted email chain forwarded by Denis McDonough, then a top Obama campaign aide and currently the White House chief of staff, to Podesta, who at the time was running Obama’s transition team.

McDonough initially sent the warning to Obama economic adviser Daniel Tarullo in an email on November 3, 2008, the day before President Obama’s election victory, presumably in response to a detailed November 2 memo Tarullo sent around about the upcoming G-20 meeting President Bush had called to discuss the ongoing financial crisis.
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Here is the email from WikiLeaks:


This whole mass dump of Podesta emails could’ve been avoided?


There is also the super-secret, heavy-duty password that Podesta used.

It’s amazing hackers could figure it out:



Aren’t you glad Liberals like Podesta think they are smarter than everyone else?

All the corruption would still be hidden.

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