WTF: CNN Chick Thinks Our WOMEN Should Do THIS For Islam

Written by K. Walker on November 29, 2016

When your co-anchor makes that face and doesn’t answer — you know you’ve said something BEYOND crazy.

Just hours before a Somali Muslim man attacked students on the Ohio State University campus, CNN was airing a spot about how Muslims felt threatened by President-elect Trump.

After a segment about Muslim women being ‘targeted’ for wearing hijabs after Trump’s victory, Alisyn Camerota suggests that perhaps American women would wear a hijab out of solidarity… like people who shave their heads to support cancer patients.


Even Chris Cuomo looked very uncomfortable with Alisyn’s suggestion, just nodding his head and not saying anything.

Really, getting Chris Cuomo speechless is a feat in itself!

Watch the train wreck:

Where to begin…

Wouldn’t it be ‘cultural appropriation’ to adopt a headscarf as a fashion statement?

Doesn’t that mock the culture you are standing ‘in solidarity’ with?

Isn’t the issue that the hijab isn’t just a cultural trapping, but religious garb?

Do you slap on a yarmulke to support Jewish people, too?

Oy, vey!

Is it appropriately ‘feminist’ to cave to misogynistic cultural oppression?

Would liberal women wear the hijab on the ‘slut walks’?

I’m so confused.

Maybe Alisyn saw this German ad and got all giddy.

Alisyn Camerota certainly deserves an award for her statement.

Here you go, Alisyn:


This is the ‘official’ ClashDaily response to Alisyn’s ridiculous statement:

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