YIKES: Hillary’s BACK And She Looks Like DEATH Warmed Over

A little more than a week after the Election, Hillary has resurfaced, and WOW! Perhaps she should go back into hiding…

After the election she’s been really quiet. The only major appearance was her concession speech that she gave on Nov. 9 because she was (allegedly) too drunk and angry to do it on Election Night.

She gave a speech at a gala for the ‘Children’s Defense Fund’ looking rather worse for wear. Her hair was limp, her eyes bloodshot with pronounced bags underneath.

This won’t help the criticism that Hillary has an underlying health issue.

See for yourself:


Hillary said, ‘Coming here wasn’t easy’.


It must be difficult to drag yourself away from your nap schedule and perhaps a week-long bender.


She probably had to get rid of all the staff that was around making her look human.

That’s like, what 100 people out of work?

Don’t worry!

Trump is going to boost the economy and you can get real jobs!

H/T: InfoWars

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