BOOM: Watch This EPIC TAKEDOWN Of ‘Refugees’ … And ‘Progressives’

Published on December 1, 2016

‘A Word To The Criminal Migrant’ … Hey Abdul! Put THIS in your hooka and smoke it! This guy’s pulling no punches.

This guy refuses to be frightened by PC police… calls out the phonies, frauds, and contemptible bastards masquerading as Refugees.

This is ten minutes of pain for any Progressives stupid enough to defend open doors policies to refugees — as well as the loathsome ‘men’ gaming the system.

It is ten minutes of WIN for anyone who has been trying to convince willfully blind Progressives that their ‘utopia’ is the straightest and surest path to cultural suicide.

Ten minutes of WIN to those of us trying to warn that the liberals’ plan to flood our country with foreigners who do not share our values will lead directly to the abandonment of all the Human RIGHTS our society has fought so long to secure for women, children and minorities.

Here are just a few phrases from the video to let you know what it’s like:

…just to let you know that everybody knows you’re able-bodied fighting aged men, thousands of whom are pretending to be children because you don’t have a shred of honor, dignity, or shame between you…

…the American people dodged a bullet when they had the good sense to vote for Donald Trump to keep you and others like you out…

… so self-consciously decadently progressive that we’ve chosen to pretend that all cultures are equal, even backward uncivilized ones like yours that don’t even deserve to share the same planet…

… the bogus term of ‘human rights’ will be your get out of deportation card…

And he’s just getting warmed up. It gets better still.

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