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BORDER: Illegals SURGE Into US in November — Agents Too Busy To Deal With THIS Problem

The massive numbers of illegal immigrants pouring over the Southern border are being used as a distraction say Border Patrol officials.

The Border Patrol nabbed more than 15,000 illegal immigrants traveling as families on the southwest border in November — a massive increase that marks the worst November on record and the second worst overall, according to statistics released Thursday.

The number of children traveling without parents also ticked up, topping 7,000 for the month, but it’s the surge of families that is straining the Border Patrol and testing the Obama administration’s resolve.

Combined, the children and families fleeing Central America for the U.S. have reshaped the challenges of the illegal migration problem, sending overall illegal immigration numbers back to levels not seen in years. The 47,214 illegal border crossings reported in November is 44 percent higher than in 2015 and marks the worst November in years.

The families and children are trying new methods, including showing up and demanding entry to the U.S. Officers at the legal ports of entry reported a 226 percent spike in children they encountered in October and November, compared with the same two months in 2015.

…CBP has opened more processing facilities to handle the workloads and has taken 150 agents from elsewhere and sent them to Texas, which is handling most of the surge.

Agents who should be on the front lines are instead assigned to baby-sitting duties, Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan told Congress last month, recounting a conversation he had with senior officers in Texas.

“The supervisor that was in charge said, ‘You know, Chief, we’re going to do whatever this country asks us to do. But I never thought in my 20 years that I would be as part of the procurement ordering baby powder and baby wipes,’” Mr. Morgan said. “Agents, one of their jobs during the day is to actually make sure that the food, the burritos that were provided, are being warmed properly.”

He said the children and families are being used as a distraction, keeping agents occupied while drugs are smuggled in elsewhere

…ICE says its policy is also to quickly process the families and release those without security issues, but the families often refuse to show up for deportation hearings.

The agency said the best way to make sure people show up for deportation hearings is to hold them in custody. As of last month, ICE had expanded the number of beds used to hold migrants to 41,000 — far more than the 32,000 it was holding on an average day in 2015…

…Many of the migrants have figured out how to game the system and exploit the administration’s struggles. Nearly one in 10 encountered at the border now are demanding asylum, using what Mr. Morgan called “magic words” to bypass the usual deportation procedure and get released quickly.

They are still supposed to be in the deportation process but often don’t bother to show for their hearings.
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Massive numbers of illegals, including children plus a whole lot of drugs smuggled into the US as an added bonus.

It looks like the border agents are fed up of being used as babysitters, too.

We need to fix this situation ASAP.

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