SMH: Murky Merkel ‘Welcome Refugees’… But ‘No Burqas Please’

Written by Teri O'Brien on December 8, 2016

Today, as she accepted her party’s nomination for a 4th term in office, German chancellor Angela Merkel took a bold and dramatic stand against a threat to the safety and security of German citizens. Yes, she admitted that she had been absolutely wrong when she foolishly decided that it would be a great idea to admit a million “migrants” from the Middle East and North Africa, most of whom are single, young men, creating a future demographic time bomb and a present outbreak of sexual assault and random acts of crime and terrorism.

Not really! Don’t get me wrong. Desiring to be re-elected, Ms. Merkel did stand up for Western Civilization by taking on a serious scourge, not the ax-wielding maniacs or suicide bombers who have entered her country under the guise of being persecuted refugees, but what is obviously an even greater threat: the burqa. She stated:

“In interpersonal communication, which plays a fundamental role here, we show our face,” she said in reference to the Islamic full-body covering that, while rarely worn in Germany, retains symbolic resonance for much of the public, and has emerged as a touchstone for the far right. “And that’s why a full veil is inappropriate in our country. It should be banned wherever legally possible. It does not belong in our country.”

No, perish the thought, Madame Chancellor! Women walking around clad head to toe in black bed sheets with a slit for their eyes in modern secular Germany? That doesn’t belong in a modern Western country! What does belong, though, at least according to you, is an invasion of un vetted Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa, the overwhelming percentage of whom are young, unattached men. Young, unattached men like those involved in the following incidents:

There were the infamous New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Cologne Germany last January, during which two women were raped.

The July, 2016 attack by a 17-year old axe-wielding Afghan asylum seeker, who wounded 5 people, 4 on a train, and one nearby the train station

Also in July, 2016, a Syrian asylum seeker blew himself up at a music festival in the south German town of Ansbach, injuring 15.

After these incidents, as the Christian Science Monitor reported, Chancellor Merkel made no connection between her wrong-headed migrant policies and the violent crime inflicted on innocent Germans.

Such attacks, said Ms. Merkel, were “shocking and depressing”, but not an indication that the government has been overwhelmed by the influx of refugees. She called it “completely irrelevant” whether the attackers had entered the country before or after the open-door asylum policy took effect in September 2015.

Gee, that sounds like something we might hear from a certain jug-eared jackass I know, someone who is also more concerned about “Islamophobia” than America’s national security, who attempts to whitewash Islamist terror attacks as “workplace violence”, and otherwise gaslight the American people about the truth, all in the service of making up for the racism, imperialism and unfairness of his country. Ms. Merkel has a similar agenda.

Most recently and most horrifically, the October, 2016 rape and murder of 19-year old medical student Maria Ladenburger, the daughter of a senior E.U. official. Ms. Ladenburger had volunteered at a refugee center. Her body was found in River Dreisam on October 16. Today would have been her 20th birthday. I wonder if her parents think what happened to her was “shocking and depressing”.

Ms. Merkel’s re-election bid has clearly opened her eyes, but not so much that she has actually reconnected with the reality of the tremendous damage she has done. She wants to see more than just the eyes of Muslim women in her country. She wants them to show their faces. Unfortunately for the chancellor, this silly gesture will not save her face or her political career. She told the German people to sit down and shut up as her citizens were terrorized, sexually assaulted and even murdered as a direct result of her misguided desire to make up for her country’s past sins. Surely her people are not stupid enough to fall for her ridiculous burqa ban stunt. People all over the world are sick of weasel politicians who refuse to accept responsibility for the consequences of their bad decisions.

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