CLASH POLL: Who SPEWS More FAKE NEWS – ‘The Media’ Or Bloggers?

Published on December 26, 2016

Here’s your chance to tell them what you REALLY think of them!

Porn stars and the philandering husbands that marry them are ‘vetting’ our news.

So are these other partisan groups who wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them across the face with a crowbar.

We can actually MEASURE their past results.

Their judgment is as valuable as Enron Stock.


That’s actually a fair comparison. We were TOLD to believe in the truth of the networks. That was a lie. Just like Enron’s viability.

Their validity depended on a clear distinction between ACTUAL news and opinion.


The number of times media have been caught with their pants down, cheering Democrats, fudging stories, apologizing for being caught lying to the public (sometimes actually cutting out details of a clip to make it tell a DIFFERENT story… like the Milwaukee woman who ‘called for peace’ while saying, in the same clip, go burn down the Suburbs instead. … right, CNN… the ‘most trusted name in news’?)

If you want a more complete list of reasons not to trust the ‘legacy’ media, Paul Joseph Watson give a really good breakdown here, with citations

(‘citations’… that’s a word the ‘media’ might want to look up for future reference):

If the Left REALLY wanted to filter fake news, they’d stop sharing the major media outlets. This isn’t anything new. Remember how the ‘trusted’ media refused to report on Monica Lewinsky until Matt Drudge broke the news? The blogger was more trustworthy than the legacy media.

No wonder they want to suppress the New Media.

They can’t protect their favorite politicians from unflattering news… or stifle good news about the ones the really, really hate.

A former employee of the New York Times had this to say after the Trump win:

It was a shock on arriving at the New York Times in 2004, as the paper’s movie editor, to realize that its editorial dynamic was essentially the reverse. By and large, talented reporters scrambled to match stories with what internally was often called “the narrative.” We were occasionally asked to map a narrative for our various beats a year in advance, square the plan with editors, then generate stories that fit the pre-designated line.

Reality usually had a way of intervening. But I knew one senior reporter who would play solitaire on his computer in the mornings, waiting for his editors to come through with marching orders. Once, in the Los Angeles bureau, I listened to a visiting National staff reporter tell a contact, more or less: “My editor needs someone to say such-and-such, could you say that?”

The bigger shock came on being told, at least twice, by Times editors who were describing the paper’s daily Page One meeting: “We set the agenda for the country in that room.” — Michael Cieply

So, do you actually buy the line that BLOGS are the REAL problem we have with ‘fake news’?

Share if News Media (D) need to wake up and realize they ARE the boogeyman they are warning people about.