CLASH POLL: Should Trump PURGE The U.S. Of The Muslim Brotherhood?

Published on December 16, 2016

If Putin preferring Trump is a problem, what about these OTHER guys preferring Hillary?

Western Liberal Media would never DARE make the point in defense of Trump that this Arabic-language op-ed does.

It’s harder to say ‘Republican Islamophobe’ with a straight face when you read what they wrote.

(Translated by Google from the original Arabic)

There is a coordinated effort among certain Muslims to incite a panic because Trump will soon be President. This effort is coming from … among other places … the Islamic Brotherhood.

Mattis is hostile, true. But not against Islam itself. He is hostile to the EXTREMISTS. The dangerous virus of extremism within Islam that the General speaks of? The author, Rashed, freely admits it exists.

Here’s what he says.

“Hideous crimes were committed by extremist groups – the same ones that Flynn and Mattis call for confronting,” he adds.

Rashed writes that Mike Pompeo, whom Trump chose to manage “the most important foreign security institution, the CIA,” holds the same view as the others when it comes to “confronting terrorism” and is “aware of Iran’s sabotaging role in the region and the world.”
If we realize that those who are angered by these three appointments are Iran, Al-Qaeda, and Islamic groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, we can understand that the problem is not in Trump’s choices, but in these men’s project to confront terrorism which the former parties sponsor or at least benefit from.

The majority of Islamic countries agree with these state secretaries’ proposals and vision of the crisis that threatens the entire world. We, as Muslims, have for a decade and half now been engaged in a war against extremism and extremists, as an ideology and groups, and want the world to differentiate between Muslims and not put them all in one category and to stand with the majority of peaceful Muslims against this evil minority. It’s in our interest to deter regimes like Iran that support terrorist groups, be it Sunni or Shi’ite, and allies with them and engages in regional wars under dishonest slogans such as defending Islam or standing against the West.

What is the ‘takeaway’ from this?

First, that the media has been lying to Americans when they call Trump racist. Trump is not at war with ALL of Islam, but with — as the Muslim author himself calls it — the ‘virus’ of extremism within Islam.

Second, that not all Muslims are hostile to Trump. (Again with those Media lies.)

Third, the KIND of Muslims that oppose Trump most strongly have — as he describes it — ulterior motives. They hate him because they SUPPORT the very extremism the rest of us HATE.

Maybe we need to stop worrying so much about whether Trump treats ISLAM fairly, and START worrying whether we’re paying enough attention to friends of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Apparently, the Brits agree (here is the report):

The British government has issued a blistering report on the secretive Muslim Brotherhood, with findings that contradict some favorable U.S. views — including the Obama administration’s — of the Islamic fundamentalist fraternity.

The investigative paper says the Brotherhood promotes (and sometimes takes a role in) violence; seeks world domination of Shariah, or Islamic, law; and views other religions as illegitimate. Its senior leaders “routinely use virulent anti-Semitic language” and have justified the killings of American and other coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To this day, Brotherhood leaders say the U.S. government fabricated the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and that the war on groups such as al Qaeda “is a pretext to attack Muslims,” the British report says.

The report, simply titled the “Muslim Brotherhood Review,” appears to be unprecedented in these politically correct times in that a Western government is confronting a Muslim group that is an ideological organizing force but not overtly a transnational terrorist organization.


how do you feel about members or sympathizers of the Muslim Brotherhood living in America?

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