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DEAR CNN: ‘Trump SAVED My Autistic Daughter From DROWNING’ – Is That NEWS?

If Hillary or Obama had done something like this, the Media would be shouting it from the rooftops. It would probably even become a Broadway Musical.

But it’s a story that humanizes Donald Trump, so you can bet it will be buried by The Media(D) forever, after all, there are no salacious bits for them to report.


After it’s been more than a decade.

But I digress…

Jean-Patrick Grumberg writes the amazing story in an article on a French website.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Excuse the English language inconsistencies, the article has been translated from French.

During his stopover in Terre-de-Haut France Caribbean Island, the future US president did an heroic act in saving a 16 yrs old autistic girl. Her father Yves Cohen remembers, and brings an unexpected testimony of the humanity of the controversial billionaire and president elect.

Here is the testimony of Yves Cohen, a dad forever grateful to Donald Trump.

“I hope my testimony will show the humanity of the next US president“ explains Yves Cohen. “I heard about him when he announced his candidacy for president.”

It was the peak tourist season of 1989, “it was, if I remember correctly, in January, 1989,” says Cohen, still moved by evoking this indelible episode of his life.

His autistic daughter Levanah who requires permanent monitoring, took advantage of a moment where her nan left for the lady’s room to go swimming in the sea by herself. And she cannot swim.

We all knew about Donald Trump being here, while on holiday on his yacht in the Bay of Les Saintes.

“I lived Terre-de-Haut Island for over 10 years. My shop was on the waterfront next to a famous coffee place (Cafe de la Marine) where Donald Trump was often seen drinking with friends.

“I was in my shop, caught by the presence of many customers in this period of intensive tourism.”

“I still remember, it was during the afternoon. I was attending customers when people alert me that someone was yelling at me. I rushed out to the street to see that indeed screams came from the waterfront. An American was shouting in front of the terrace of my house, I could hear him without actually seeing him.

I rushed home. I was worried because Levanah was supposed to be inside. There, I discovered with amazement upon entering my home, Donald Trump with my daughter in his arms struggling frantically. They were both totally soaked.”

Trump was foaming with rage remembers Cohen. “His face was red from the effort to contain it.” He just saved my daughter from drowning.

Yves Cohen remembers being completely taken aback and feeling guilty. “Mr. Trump was impressive” he remembers…

…“My daughter went dip into the sea. She loved the water. But very quickly, she found herself in jeopardy because the marine slope go down fast.

“Mr. Trump heard the screaming and saw the girl panicking. He ran into the water and saved my daughter’s life, and he was the only one to go, the only one to make the right decision at the right time.”

“When he saw me, he lashed at me and yelled: ’are you the father? He was furious at me but I didn’t know why. All I could see is that he was totally wet. ‘Are you crazy to leave her alone like that?’ I am not sure I understood everything he was saying, but I could figure that he was cursing me. At that moment, I didn’t realize that he just saved my daughter.”

“What Donald Trump became 25 years later may be different, but he saved my daughter. I owe him that.”
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Doesn’t that show a side of Donald Trump that the Media doesn’t report?

Wouldn’t it kill CNN to report that Donald Trump is a HERO?

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