DEAR DUDES: Feminazis Want YOU To Check Your ‘MALE Privilege’ At Trans Toilets

Written by K. Walker on December 2, 2016

Continuing the obsession with ‘gender’ and ‘toilets’ THIS magazine has a ‘helpful guide’ on how to do your business in a way that ‘checks your privilege’.

You will not believe this load of crap! (Please pardon the expression.)

First off, this article was written by a male.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We would say ‘man’ but that’s just not true.]

From his bio at the end of the article, Vicente Garcia is a ‘queer Latinx cis man’ whose female roommate took him aside to discuss ‘bathroom issues’. His female roommate complained about the smell of his dried pee all around the toilet.

This got Vincente thinking about his ‘male privileged’ bathroom behavior.

From his ‘Everyday Feminism‘ article:

This was the larger takeaway from that generative conversation. It sparked reflection about my behavior in the bathroom. I had to check my own privilege and think about the impact I was having.

This is especially important because I work in an office with a gender neutral bathroom, and my roommate and I also share a bathroom. So, on a daily basis, I live in and navigate a world where I interact with multiple genders in a bathroom setting – and, like every other part of my life, I experience male privilege at the expense of other genders.

Though many people have penises and/or stand up to pee, for this article I want to focus on ways that cis men can be better allies to the other folks with whom we share a bathroom.


Did you see the ‘and/or’?

Lawd, have mercy!

Is this going where it looks like it’s going?

Are there going to be instructions on how to use a bathroom while checking your privilege?

1. Aim — Enough said

…You are a cis man. And to some degree (especially if you are a white cis man), society promotes an idea that we are entitled to absolute freedom of movement. You deserve, among so many other things, to pee freely and have no one tell you about the consequences of your poor aim…

…Your target practice is essential to this progress. So, challenge your male privilege. Point, aim, flush.

Garcia also recommends that you don’t shake after.

The Editors at ClashDaily refuse to elaborate.

2. The Toilet Seat Is a Throne, So Treat It Like One

This should go without saying, but never, ever – and I really mean never – attempt the dangerous feat of peeing without lifting the seat up. For some of you adventurous people who want to prove yourself to the world, I understand how tempting this might be.

You have spent your life perfecting your aim. So much so that you believe you are the exception – that you don’t have to lift the seat up to pee. You have perfect precision and nothing, not one drop, will get on the seat.

Newsflash: This is a cis male-entitled delusion. No one, least of all you, has aim that perfect…

Boom! Solution:


3. Try Sitting Down

This is a fun suggestion. Seriously try it. You just might like it. Sitting doesn’t make you effeminate (and if it did, what’s wrong with that?).

It’s cleaner. There is less mess. That dribble effect at the end will not come into play…

…Another option is you can do a mini-squat and hover above the toilet to get any excess pee into the toilet bowl. It’s actually great exercise and good for your hamstring muscles.


4. Clean Up After Yourself

…Don’t contribute to the unfair and deeply misogynist standard that men shouldn’t have to worry about hygiene or about how clean they are.

There aren’t as many societal expectations for us to be clean. If people of other genders, especially women, don’t appear clean in their appearance or they’re disorganized or messy, people are much more likely to say something. Whereas we as men are all allowed to be less than perfect – if not congratulated for mediocrity.

Still, when in the bathroom, do everyone a favor and tidy up after yourself.

When you leave your stall, make sure everything is flushed all the way, and exercise patience for those stubborn toilets that require some extra time fiddling with the toilet handle…

Really? Flush twice?

What about the environment?

What about Californians?


5. Embrace the Sounds

Hopefully, we recognize as cis men that there is unearned value put on masculinity over femininity. This translates into different expectations put on people based on their bodies, identities, and expressions.

This is inherently flawed.

Women, femmes, and non-masculine non-binary people have a whole range of bodies that function in a variety of different ways. Still, oftentimes the gendered expectation is that men have a monopoly on natural bodily functions that, when inevitably expressed by feminine people, is often stigmatized.

This includes breastfeeding to menstruation to bowel movements to everything in between. Cis men, on the other hand, are able to display the full extent of their bodily function, without any self-consciousness, from burping to farting.

This is a double standard.

No! We will not ‘Embrace the sounds!’


6. Wash Your Hands
Multiple studies confirm that fewer men wash their hands than women after they use the bathroom.

According to USA Today, 93% of women wash their hands, versus 77% of men. Other studies report different percentages, but the percentage of women who wash their hands remains consistently higher than men. Statistics for non-binary people are, unfortunately, unavailable.

But remember, be cautious!


Unless… that’s why you don’t need to shake it…?

7. Be Aware of Harm and Safety Concerns in the Bathroom

Lastly, and most importantly, we as cis men need to make a conscientious effort not to further harm or feelings of unsafety that folks from marginalized genders can experience in bathrooms.

This means respecting other all people and all genders in the space. It means not playing “gender police” and commenting about who sits down in a stall next to you or who stands up in the stall next to you – no commentary on what folks do with their bodies.

People do not have to perform either function based on preconceived gender stereotypes imposed on them.


Dear ClashDaily readers, we do indeed read ‘Everyday Feminism’ so that you don’t have to.

We put our very sanity on the line for you.

You’re welcome.

You can express your appreciation in the comments!

And in case your little snowflake needs a little *ahem* ‘reading material’?

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