DEAR PATRIOTS: Muslim Teens ATTACK Christmas Parade – What Would YOU Do?

Published on December 14, 2016

What — someone having fun? Quick STOP THEM! Campus feminists look almost jolly by comparison.

It’s a little weird, as Christmas festivals go, but harmless fun that they’ve been doing for centuries. Think ‘Halloween’.

Seeing how Islam reacts to supposedly demon-possessed dogs, should we honestly be surprised by such an unruly and superstitious reaction to a festival that’s been celebrated for several hundred years?

Hey Leftists, keep reading and tell us who the REAL Xenophobes are.

According to a report in the Oesterreich daily, a group of young Turkish teens were provoked by the boisterous display of the Krampus performers, and physically attacked them during a procession near Salzburg on Tuesday night.

The parade consisted of around 40 Krampus-costumed locals, many of whom had already thoroughly warmed themselves with a few drinks, as is traditional.

Krampus is part of a Christmas tradition at this time in Austria and parts of southern Germany, which sees a parade of masked young men, dancing through the street dragging chains and giant metal sleds with fire and noise-makers.

The Krampus is often known to punish onlookers, using long thin sticks to beat people around the legs, especially if they’re suspected of being naughty.

At least one 15-year-old Turkish youth was arrested after attacking a Krampus with his fists. Friends of his attempted to intervene in the arrest, however police quickly gained control, and made additional arrests. —TheLocal

So what would happen if they pulled this stunt in YOUR backyard… say during a Santa Claus parade? Or other big event?

If you were there, what would YOU do?

Share if you’re sure these little thugs won’t be forced to take any ‘cultural sensitivity training’.