DEAR TRUMP HATING GLITTERATI: Jackie Evancho’s Record Sales SPIKE After Announcing Inauguration Gig

Written by K. Walker on December 26, 2016

Remember when the Left dumped on Jackie for agreeing to perform at the Inauguration? They said her career would NEVER be the same. Boy, were they right!

What they actually said is that her career would never recover.




Teenage opera prodigy Jackie Evancho has seen sales of her recorded music shoot up since it was confirmed the singer will perform the National Anthem at Donald Trump’s inauguration in Washington, DC on January 20.

Evancho’s 2011 “Dream With Me” album and her 2010 “O Holy Night” offering are both sitting at No. 2 on the Billboard charts.

The former America’s Got Talent star’s weekly album sales have quadrupled, according to TMZ.

Evancho said she’s “excited” to sing at the prestigious event.

“I have recently been asked by the President-elect to perform the National Anthem for the swearing-in ceremony at the inauguration,” Evancho said earlier this month during an interview on Today. “I’m so excited. It’s going to be awesome.”
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We’ve covered the Lefty hate that was flung at the 16-year old singer when she made the announcement.

Her albums that were released 5 and 6 years ago are selling like crazy.

Just one thing to say to all those ass-hats that thought her career would ‘never recover’…



America that constitutes the ‘Trump Ocean’ rather than the ‘Hillary Archipelago’, will enjoy your tears every time you get something like this so very, very wrong.

Yes, my pretties, we will make ourselves drunk on your hot, angry, hateful tears of frustration and angst. All of the leftovers will be bottled, chilled and sold back to you with an Evian label.

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