DEAR WHINY LIBERALS: The Electoral College CHISELS Trump’s Victory In STONE!

Published on December 19, 2016

That ‘faithless’ movement thing just backfired badly for Hillary.

Not only did Trump WIN the Electoral College…

He won it by MORE votes than he would have had everyone voted the correctly.

To which, after this irritating leftist drama, and even threats of violence offered to the electors, we have this to say:


Trump DID have two fewer votes.

Hillary had FOUR fewer votes.


So all those pressure tactics…

The Hollyweird video trying to guilt or flatter them into faithlessness…

The threats of bodily harm

(while blaming PUTIN with a straight face.)

Did nothing to overthrow the Democratic process.

Face it lefties. You lost. And you are impotent to change that.

Hillary will HATE this. Share it just to annoy her.