DISGUSTING: ‘REFUGEES’ Ruthlessly Bully Christian Kids

Published on December 2, 2016

Hey Dan Savage? We found something you have in common with Islam!

Will the Obama-backed anti-bullying spokesman take a tour to tell these kids that ‘it gets better?’ Of course not. He hates Christians as much as the other group does.

It doesn’t even matter if they’re only school age children. He’s an equal-opportunity anti-Christian bigot. Just like this crowd:

A priest in the German city of Leipzig who works with underage migrants has revealed that Muslim migrant children constantly bully their Christian counterparts.
58-year-old Catholic priest Andreas Knapp stated that the majority of migrant youths he supports in his study club are Muslim but reports that the Christian minority is being actively persecuted by Muslim children, reports German radio broadcaster Deutschlandradio Kultur.

In one case, a Christian boy was so grievously bullied by Muslim classmates at a school for integration that he had to change schools. He said the Muslim children were “disrespectful” of Christians and that they even “hated” Christians who had come from the Middle East.

In another similar case, a 13-year-old boy told Father Knapp about his experiences with Muslim children at a migrant camp in Saxony.

“There were a lot of children who were all Muslims, and I was the only Christian. When I would go to them and say, ‘ Let’s play football’, they said, ‘No, you’re a Christian!’ Then they insulted me because I eat pork,” the boy said, adding that he was often threatened by the Muslim children.

… Across Germany, there have been reports of Christian abuse in asylum centres by Muslims with the Christian charity Open Doors alleging there are thousands of victims of violence and harassment. Many have suggested separate asylum accommodations for Christians, with new converts from Islam being particularly vulnerable to violent attacks.

Even when making the journey from the Middle East or North Africa, Christian migrants are often not safe. Reports have shown that Christians have been targetted on smugglers’ boats, beaten, robbed, and drowned by Muslim passengers simply because they were praying while on the same boat.

– full article available atBreitbart London

Considering the wide welcome offered by historically Christian nations while the Muslim nations bar the doors, this is hardly a reaction to ‘intolerance’.

This is not the behavior of a group seeking refuge. It’s cultural jihad. Infiltrate and overwhelm.

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