HILARIOUS: Kid Rock’s Selling PRO Trump T-Shirts That Liberals HATE – Here They Are

Published on December 7, 2016

Kid Rock’s merch: either you will LOVE it… or be ‘Triggered’ by it. Great stuff!

You may remember when ClashDaily shared pics of Kid Rock’s irreverent ‘Dumbfuckistan shirt.

People LOVED it! And they wanted one of their own. So… Kid Rock answered the call:

But, as the infomercials always say, ‘wait… there’s more!’

There will be a ‘Make America Badass Again’ hat. There will be a God Guns & Trump Shirt.

And … if this isn’t enough to trigger little snowflake?


This is SAVAGE.

And hilarious.

We’ve had 8 years of Obama’s BS, gloating, and carrying on.

Payback’s a ‘B’. And so is Obama.

Keep ’em coming, Kid Rock.

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