FAKE NEWS: Liberal ‘Reporter’ Says Trump Only Had 100s At Rally – This Video Tells Different Story

Published on December 18, 2016

Still a bigger crowd than Madonna would have drawn… even WITH her lewd election pledge.

The Palm Beach Post did a write-up on Trump’s local ‘USA Thank-You Tour’ stop.

In many respects, the article was fair, even mentioning how formerly one ‘flaming liberal’ voted for him because he was ‘fearless’ and one else who lost someone in The Pulse, and was present in the Paris attacks was won over by the need for an answer to the problem of Terrorism.

There was also a ‘women for Trump’ supporter optimistic that his Border Security plan will help rein in the raging drug problem.

But for whatever reason, the article opened like this:

President-elect Donald Trump brought his “USA Thank You Tour” to Orlando on Friday evening as allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election swirled mere days before Electoral College members cast ballots to formally elect the nation’s 45th president.

Trump was greeted by hundreds of cheering supporters just hours after both President Barack Obama and Trump’s former opponent in the election, Hillary Clinton, each spoke for the first time publicly about allegations that Russia meddled in the U.S. election.

Trump did not respond to their remarks and made no mention of Russia in his speech. —Palm Beach Post

She had to start on a sour note.

That’s not unfair if it’s true and relevant to the story, but that was a swing and a miss on both fronts.

Just because his critics are trying to MAKE alleged Russian interference INTO a story for this election, doesn’t mean we have any proof that Putin’s government was (a) changing the election results (b) directly implicated or even (c) Unique in trying to shape elections of other sovereign nations. You can’t have it both ways.

Did we hear any Leftist outrage when Obama was deliberately trying to have Bibi’s opponent win the election?

[Flashback: OBAMA VS. BIBI: Obama Sends 5-Man Team to Israel to Help Defeat Netanyahu in Reelection]

As for ‘Russian Hacking’ — it’s hardly proven. Especially since PHISHING is not the same as hacking.

But there’s a much simpler falsehood.

It’s the one we saw through the entire election run. Newsies were forever downplaying his popularity. That’s why they were collectively caught with their pants down in November.

See if this video evidence squares with the description of the crowd numbering in the hundreds.

If they actually start telling the whole story… even if they dislike the content… the networks could even regain the peoples’ trust. But at this rate? It’s a longshot.

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