HEY CNN: P.O.’ed Lifelong Dem Voted Trump … Is SHE A Sexist Bigot Too?

Published on December 18, 2016

Why one Lifelong Democrat and Bernie supporter finally had enough… and voted TRUMP.

“Well, then,” she sighed, “I guess I’m a deplorable.”

She took a black ink pen and carefully shaded in the rectangle next to the name Donald J. Trump.

With that she had defied every vote she had made since 1974. She defied a president she had supported twice, officials of a party to which she had devoted countless hours of volunteer labor and her fellow progressives, even her husband, who accused her of aiding and abetting a racist. She ignored her own belief that Trump was a “buffoon” and a “showman.” She never wore a “Make America Great Again” hat or a “Women for Trump” button or carried a Trump sign, because she never believed in anything he stood for. But hers wasn’t a vote in favor of someone; it was a vote against.

A longtime home health care aide, Cohen has many characteristics of a voter the Democratic Party typically relies on winning: African-American, environmentally conscious, pro-choice, pro-labor, pro-gun control. But this year she checked another box: pro-change. When it came down to it, she was angrier at her own party’s leaders than she was appalled by a man who cozied up to white nationalist and anti-Semitic groups. She wanted to throw it back in the face of her party. —Politico

It wasn’t about ‘fake news’. It wasn’t about racism — she’s Black.

It was something simpler.

“It was my primal scream,” Cohen says. “I wasn’t gonna take it anymore.”


Yeah. Something like that.

She remembered the war. She remembered yelling at her TV during Bill’s impeachment. Super predators… Bimbo eruptions… Deplorables.

Hillary had made the unforgivable mistake of insulting the working class.

‘Maybe I’ll join them.’

She’s NOT a Republican. Not really. She just wants her party purged of the rot that’s infested it.

You might say she wants her party to ‘drain the swamp’.

Who knows… as the next few years unfold… she might find herself pleasantly surprised.

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