Written by K. Walker on December 28, 2016

Are you ready for a great big laugh? Because you are going to LOVE this…

Dan Rather is of the belief that we need ‘journalistic integrity’ and Mr. Completely-Made-Shit-Up-To-Make-Bush-Look-Bad is going to teach it!

Wait! Wait! There’s more!

It’s called ‘Journalism & Finding the Truth in the News’.


Here’s a photo of the Udemy ad:


The course is currently 75% off… I guess you only pay for the part that covers ‘truth’.

Best Dan Rather quote from the promo video:

The 2016 Presidential Election cycle convinced me that we need journalistic integrity now more than ever.

Here is the description from the Udemy website:

Dan believes that a truly free press is the beating heart of democracy and he has put this belief into practice with a career spanning over 60 years in the news industry and over 20 years as the CBS Nightly News anchor. Using stories and advice from the field, Dan peels back the curtain on what it takes to create and deliver impactful news and how this process has changed over time from the Civil Rights Movement to the 2016 election.

A leader in the industry to this day, Dan Rather explains how objective truth is in peril more than ever before. Moreover, he provides actions you can take now to help ensure that journalism continues to serve its key role in a well-functioning democracy.

Teach us the ways, O Great Master:

After an introduction to Dan Rather’s background you’ll dive into understanding the role of the free press and how that’s been thoroughly altered by the involvement of corporate interests in the news business.

Like the Clinton Foundation?

You’ll examine the role that technology has played in changing how information is relayed to the public, both good and bad, and what that means for you.

‘Pre-chewed’ news isn’t a thing people want.

Next, you’ll look at the differences between networks who pursue real reporting versus those who seek out ratings and you’ll learn how to discern between the two in what you consume and create.

Instead of those that just make stuff up like you did… *cough* Killian Documents *cough*

You’ll learn how the information we consume is controlled by only a few corporations and what that means for the state of a free press.

Like the Democratic Party? Remember how Politico deferred to the Hillary campaign before running stories or CNN forwarding questions ahead of debates?

Next, Dan will share his first-hand experience of some of the biggest stories from the past 60 years, where his career and news coverage as a whole were changed by these events.


You’ll dive into an exercise on how to write a broadcast piece around a critical news story from your life.

Dan will then help you dissect the essentials of a good interview and give you the tools of the trade for using interviews to enrich the stories you tell. He’ll share stories from his own high profile interviews and what he learned.

At the base of every good story is good writing. You’ll learn how to write well and understand the different ways to tell a story.

Next, you’ll learn how to speak and present (both on camera and off) with hands-on exercises to continue improving.

Lastly, Dan gives you guidance on how to stay informed and shares some of the biggest lessons he’s learned before signing off.

Like how to make a movie that paints you as the good guy and your bosses as partisan villains.

And the target audience of this course?

Anyone with a passion for the truth

Anyone with a ‘passion for the truth’ is going to stay the hell away from Dan Rather teaching ‘journalistic integrity’.

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