KISS MY GLOCK: ANTI-GUN Movie Has BRUTAL Opening Weekend And We LOVE It!

We all know that Hollywood tilts left and it’s just liberal la-la-land. That’s why they thought it was a good idea to spend millions making this anti-gun movie.

Everybody’s gonna love it, right?

Watch the trailer for Miss Sloane here:

One of the newest major Hollywood productions, “Miss Sloane,” had a terrible opening weekend at the box office, so bad that it was one of the weakest opening weekends in history for a production with such a wide release.

Through the weekend, the anti-Second Amendment movie made less than $2 million at more than 1,600 different theater locations nationwide. That meant the movie made just over $1,100 at each theatre, making it the 75th-worst opening for a major production since 1982, according to Box Office Mojo.

The movie follows a powerhouse Washington lobbyist, played by actress Jessica Chastain, who makes it her personal mission to work with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to pass new gun control legislation despite massive pushback from the “gun lobby” and what the movie portrays as corrupt, pro-Second Amendment politicians.

Some Rotten Tomatoes reviewers were pretty clear:

“This movie was very, very bad. It’s 100% feelings-driven propaganda with a decently acted lead. I’m disappointed with the choices made in the production of this movie,” wrote one person on Rotten Tomatoes.

“This movie was terrible. 132 minutes I will never get. Plot was far-fetched and didn’t get anywhere near ‘thriller’ status,” wrote another.

“Horribly slow movie with little substance. It’s like watching paint dry. Total PASS,” wrote yet another audience reviewer.
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Our favorite line in the trailer is the last one:

‘It’s about making sure you surprise them — and they don’t surprise you.’

Well, Hollywood, the REST of America says:


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