LAME DUCK: Forbes ‘Most Powerful People’ List Shows Obama’s Influence TANKING

Published on December 14, 2016

‘Leader of The Free World’? Not if your name is Obama. Here are some embarrassing stats.

(Is THIS what Obama meant by ‘Fundamentally Transforming’ America?)

Last Year, he (as President) was listed as THIRD Most Powerful Person in the World on the Forbes list.


This year? He’s crashed down to number 48.


This shouldn’t be surprising for the former Senator best remembered for ‘voting present‘ before his meteoric rise to the Presidency.

Even now… while he is still ‘officially’ in office, he often stands in the shadow of the guy who hasn’t even BEGUN his time in office yet.

Putin and Trump are in spots one and two.

Leaders from Iran and Israel round out the top 20. (Lagging so far behind Bibi must be a bitter pill indeed.)



Rex Tillerson WAS 24… he’s likely to move higher. Goldman Sachs and Walmart have their CEO’s in the top 30.


Koch Industries? Yes, they’re higher than Obama, too!

Oh look! Rupert Murdoch!

A few tech and industry companies… some foreign leaders of other nations…

including North Korea’s Kim Jong-un at 43!


Sorry, BO… you couldn’t even stop the bleeding at ’44’.

That spot went to the PM of Egypt. That’s where the Arab Spring you cheered for.. the one that spiraled WAY out of control first began … (if it’s any consolation).


You are one spot below Japan.

No WONDER you spent so much time bowing to foreign dignitaries. Even YOU didn’t consider yourself their equal.

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