Published on December 27, 2016

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

My wife and I first became victims of vandalism soon after I began to push back at some politics by writing opinions. The vandalism occurred just over two years ago. We were the only victims in this entire subdivision. Our car was burgled in the carport, (nothing taken) a large pry bar used to destroy the drivers/steering area and enamel sprayed into the door locks to prevent entry. Oh yes, then there was the coup de grâce; urinating on the driver’s seat. We were lucky. Instead of having to pay to have it towed to a vehicle wrecking lot, we received $100 and it was taken away. There soon followed indications of nighttime back yard intrusion, all reported to the police.

These intrusions resulted in two things. One was that I began to push back harder in my writings. Next was that we were immediately stimulated to install a multi-layer security system, some layers battery powered. The first is an alarm system that is excited by either motion or infrared. A separate system responds to motion and/or infrared by flood lighting front and back. Next is an independent day/night video recording system, again stimulated by motion and changes in infrared. This system involves several video cameras that cover not just the property but also each other and the recording is isolated. These video recorders also cover the electrical power where it comes out of below ground to our meter. We have a canine that alerts on the smallest things.

Important is that all neighbors came to the “alert” to keep their eyes open. There are two other layers but those shall remain closely held and might be labeled hazardous to the next violator even though legal under state law. No one can avoid a “drive by” attack but even that may be recorded by our neighbors or our system. (Should we fear that personal protection will result in an angry response from some level of government?).

In my over eight decades during which I have resided at locations across all but the North-East, I have never experienced the defenses needed for citizen against fellow citizens. For this I thank Obama and his lackeys. The reason I thank Obama is that all of this I attribute to what this Nation, State, County and City have come to by the lack of accepting PEACEFULLY expressed opposing opinions. It seems that protection for exercising the First Amendment has been only granted to the Left, not the Right. The Obama Administration and all of his lackeys is the source of the division. That is obvious by the fact that from City Hall to the White House, rioters, vandals and physical abusers through murderers are protected if they have a Left leaning, (aka progressive) agenda.

To amplify this, note that during the past eight years, this nation has been torn apart with satellite groups of left leaning, (aka progressive) opinions ready to attack and sometimes slay anyone that is not in lock step. When a Left individual or group violates the law, most government and the main stream media now turns a blind eye and avoids prosecution. In many cases they stimulate and promote repeat lawlessness.

I will list only one direction of the divide source but each example goes both ways. I do confess that not all citizens are of this mind set, only vastly too many.

Left vs. Right; Liberal vs. Conservative; Black vs. White; Black vs. Hispanic; Black vs. Asian; Hispanic vs. White; Muslim vs. all Non-Believers; Poor vs. Rich; Hollywood and Sports Elites vs. their Fans. And the list continues!

Several organizations have grown out of, (or surfaced) from these divisions. I will name only a few but will certainly be ostracized for both those listed and omissions:
On the Left: CAIR that has overt links to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas; Black Lives Matter; Black Panthers; MS-13; The Occupiers; Planned Parenthood; Moveon.Org; and more.

On the Right: Tea Party; (I can’t find organized rioting or vandalism here).

Neither my wife nor I have joined any Left or Right group. But early in Obama’s Administration when the Tea Party was just being formed in our area, my wife and I did contribute to them. That contribution was 100 pocket size printings of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I was stunned when that contribution was frowned upon by a couple “Left Wingers”. Then we recalled that some on the Left want the Constitution either abolished or brought up to their interpretation of “up to date”.

In addition, there are growing cry’s for the assassination of the President Elect and vile attacks upon his extended family. These are not coming from the Right. Many on the Left have become so despondent that they cannot attend school or work. Their mental anguish has never been equaled in the political world.

I was disappointed when the usurper Obama was elected but I did not emotionally self-destruct. I wanted to “give him a chance”. Once his “Change” became clear, I began to PEACEFULLY push back through my writings. I did not promote the injury or slaying of Obama supporters. I did not promote pillage and/or destruction of their or public property. I did not attack the police or attempt to close down City Hall, the County buildings or State Houses.

But what was shocking was that I became in need of law protection more than those that did break the law. They had protection from City Halls to the White House. I had to prepare to defend against the Left supported masses. The law breakers were not just being pampered; in many cases they were being encouraged by the very governments that were in place to protect the lives and property of the peaceful citizens. As the Left refers to me as a “deplorable” for my conservative leanings, I now label all liberal “Lefties” as “progressives”. Yes, from me the term “Progressive” is now intended as an equally derogatory label as “deplorable”. They, not I, drew the verbal battle line!!!!

The existing Administration encouraged and succeeded in dividing this country. (On January 20, 2017 all of that will begin to change). Their stupidity is that although they once approximated 50% of the populace, they are made up of splinter groups that are beginning to show signs that some are moving away from their lawlessness.

Note here that Obama’s greatest legacy may be that he will go down as the foremost arms salesman to civilians in world history. Most of the legal arms holders have a common cause. It is not aggression; it is personal protection as provided by the Second Amendment of the Constitution that the Left has promoted to be repealed; a protection that has resulted from Obama’s agenda.

This Progressive Administration now publicly promotes a peaceful and cooperative transition. I say cover your a** and your back. While watching one hand, do not lose sight of the other. Do not be lulled into euphoria because the Left has made it clear that they will undermine the new Administration whenever and however they can; legal or not, ethical or not. “Draining the Swamp” may have a high price in lives and property but it must be drained. And although the drainage is yet to be put in place, the alligators are roaring and the leaches are displaying fear. Yes, Obama did a great job of “change”. His “change” may end up being a greater tragedy than the Civil War.

To change back to a Constitutional Republic where justice is equal for all may approach a civil war. If such occurs, I will not be on the Left. I pray that many present “Progressives” will at minimum, revert back to being honorable Democrats as that party once was. I will not change to a Democrat but at least they’d have my respect instead of my growing, abject loathing.

photo credit: mathiaswasik March against Trump, New York City via photopin (license)

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