LMAO: The Bears DESTROYED Kaepernick – He Never Really Got off His Knees

Published on December 5, 2016

Not exactly the SORT of ‘Record-Setting Season’ Kaepernick was hoping for… but he IS in the books… nobody can take that from him.

ClashDaily doesn’t have occasion to say this often, but let’s hear it for Chicago!


They’ve done in one game what months of reason and common sense could NOT. They got the annoying bastard to shut up.


Maybe Kaepernick taking on the role of Social Justice Warrior was a little too much for him to juggle with his OTHER full time job.

Or maybe he was still in a funk after learning El Comandante kicked the bucket.

Whatever the reason, he got CRUSHED. Maybe it was just those:


Hey Kaepernick! You’re already down on your knees. You don’t like the Stars And Stripes, we get it. Here’s a different flag for you. Feel free to wave it while you’re down there.


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