LMAO: Hillary Makes HISTORY With Electors But She Won’t LIKE The Mark She Made

Written by K. Walker on December 20, 2016

Hey, Hillary! Looks like you WILL make the History books with your very own Kardashian-sized ASTERISK.

But unlike Kim, that’s not how you had planned on being remembered.

You wanted this election to be historic.

Congratulations, it is.


Never before have so many Electoral College voters shifted their support AWAY from a single candidate.

Despite pleas from washed-up C-list celebs plus Martin Sheen, the death threats to Electors and the Media (D) pushing the ‘Popular Vote’ narrative and the Hillary lost because of Electoral-College-Comey-Russian-hacking-fake-news, Trump still has his comfortable Electoral College victory.

In the end just seven bolted and ran, although that was the most in U.S. history. The last time there were six faithless electors was 1808. And no election since 1832 had included more than a single such renegade.
Only 157 ‘faithless’ votes have been recorded in American history, according to Politico. The last one, a lone Democratic dissenter, came in 2004.

The number of faithless votes has now become the most-ever cast in a single presidential election. The record was set in 1808, when six Democratic-Republican electors opposed James Madison. It’s also the first time since 1832 in which more than a single elector cast a faithless vote.

Trump’s margin of victory remained comfortable despite a pair of defections in Texas. Clinton lost four electors in the state of Washington and one in Hawaii.

Election officials in Colorado, Maine and Minnesota shot down three other electors’ attempts to buck Hillary and vote for someone else.

One Colorado Democrat attempted to cast his Clinton-earmarked vote for Republican John Kasich, but state elections officials replaced him. Colorado and 28 other states have laws on the books requiring electors to support the candidate who receives the most votes on Election Day.

In Washington state, three Clinton electors voted for retired former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell. That move appeared designed to give GOP members of the House of Representatives an alternative to Trump if the president-elect had failed to accumulate 270 votes, throwing the election to the lower house of Congress.

In such a situation, the 12th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution would allow House delegations to choose from among the top three Electoral College finishers – in this case Trump, Clinton, and Powell.

Another Democratic elector in Washington cast his ballot for an American Indian activist named Faith Spotted Eagle, known for protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

Hours later in Hawaii, another protesting Democrat voted for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Trump’s two Texas mutinies produced votes for Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Rep. Ron Paul.

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It must hurt.

Hillary lost the Election.

Then, after the ‘Jill Stein Recount’ she lost even more votes in Wisconsin.

She has now lost Electoral College votes.

That’s three strikes…

Hillary, You’re OUT!

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