LMAO: HILLARY Makes A ‘People Of The Year’ List — She’s Gonna HATE It, But You Will LOVE It!

Written by K. Walker on December 22, 2016

Hillary’s going to need to adjust her meds after this one… and so might Bill.

Hillary has made GQ’s ‘Least Influential People of the Year’ List.

The anger-filled screed slams Hillary:

Drew Magary, who complied the “anger-fueled list of everyone who ruined our year,” said he had no choice but to put Clinton on it.

“When you lose an election to Donald Trump, you belong on this list. How do you fuck that up?? It’s Donald Trump!” he wrote.

Magary lambasted Clinton for losing Wisconsin, a state that has not voted Republican on the presidential level since 1984.

“Would it have killed you to visit Wisconsin, Hillary? I know it’s full of fat people and bad pretzels, but sometimes you gotta come out of your fundraising hole and kiss some babies,” he quipped.

Clinton’s running mate Sen. Tim Kaine made the list for being a “tragically safe” pick.

“I’ve had dreams that lingered longer than this guy,” Magary wrote.
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You can read the entire GQ list here.

Liberals still don’t see how Hillary could lose against Donald Trump.

Here’s a Quick’n’Dirty list:

– she was unlikable
– she had no real policy other than she was a woman
– the policy she did have was crap
– she was plagued with scandal
– Benghazi
– private server
– Pay-to-Play
– she was elitist
– she relied on celebrity endorsements
– she didn’t address the needs of voters in the ‘Rust Belt’
– she was arrogant
– she didn’t think she could lose
– Bernie supporters didn’t like her
Etc., etc., etc.

For a woman who has been making her living by peddling her influence, having her name on a list like this is sure to cause some financial repercussions with the Clinton Foundation.

The slush fund charity that was founded after Bill Clinton left office has faced a free-fall in donations since Hillary’s failed Presidential bid.

It’s hard to get foreign nationals supporters to hand over their cash if there’s not any influence to peddle.

Hillary just can’t get any good news!

It couldn’t happen to a nicer woman.

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