NEW LOW: Liberal Reporter, ‘Is Trump F—ING His Daughter’?

Published on December 15, 2016

Maybe we should say ‘former’ Liberal Reporter.

Look who learned just how short the distance between sending a smug Tweet and the unemployment line is!

Pro-tip: If you are a journalist when ‘fake news’ is the issue of the day, don’t tweet ridiculous nonsense that would embarrass your employer.

This wisdom no longer applies to Julia Ioffee. Now that her obscene tweet has resulted in her firing from Politico, she’s free to say whatever stupid nonsense she pleases.

Let’s go back to the beginning.

There was a report in the Hill (denied by Trump) stating that Ivanka would be working out of the office Traditionally reserved for the First Lady.

Her knee-jerk reaction was to assume the worst. A quick scan of her twitter feed shows she’s quick to believe the worst, whether it is proven or not.

(With absolutely NO sense of irony, one of her tweets even says ‘America has proven what I learned in Russia, the people most skeptical and conspiracy-minded are the most easily duped.’)

Right on cue, she reacted to the unfounded story in a spectacularly nasty way.

Here’s the screen capture of her since-deleted tweet. (Rough language warning)


She linked a report from the Hill claiming Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, is getting a White House office space traditionally reserved for the first lady.

Ironically, that report may have been “fake news,” as Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks dismissed the rumors, telling Business Insider, “This is false. No decisions regarding Ivanka’s involvement have been made.”

Ioffe didn’t indicate which “nepotism laws” Trump might be “shirking.” WND

She doubled down, defending herself after, before half-assing an apology.


Our Irony meter is still in the shop from another Liberal hypocrisy, but it would have been red-lining again when we came across this little factoid:

She worked as a ‘fact-checker’ for the New Yorker in 2005.

Oh Really? Clearly, she’s not very good at it.

Here is some Twitter Feedback:

— This is why no one takes the press seriously. It’s because they’re low-lifes like yourself.

— You’re unfit to have a job anywhere.

— Gross. This tweet says more about you than Trump.

— Thanks for letting the world know how literally insane our media is.

— Thanks for being incapable of filtering your unprofessionalism, makes #FakeNewsers so much easier to spot.

— This is completely disgusting and beyond the pale. This type of stuff gives journalism a bad rap.

— Wow. Trump’s election has absolutely driven some folks insane. You appear to be one of them.

— So are you snorting coke when you write like this or just drunk on your ass?

— I like that you assume if Ivanka is getting a nice office she must be having sex with the boss. That’s been your experience?

For the record, Ioffe, we hate to burst your bubble, (ok, that’s a lie) but we’re going to ‘fact check’ you here.

Sex with relatives is more of a LIBERAL cause.

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