OSU ATTACK: Sometimes It Really IS About ISLAM

Written by Teri O'Brien on December 1, 2016

In December, 2015, right after the San Bernardino, California Islamist terror attack that killed 14 Americans and injured 22 others, conducted by an “American” Syed Rizwan Farook, the child of two immigrants from Pakistan, and his recently imported Pakistani wife, presidential candidate Donald Trump said the unthinkable, calling for an immediate suspension of the admission of Muslim “refugees” and immigrants until our government can tell us “what the hell is going on.” As usual, a comment that expressed the obvious, common sense approach that our country clearly needed to take going forward, resulted in the corrupt, legacy media having a collective cow, harrumphing about the “unconstitutionality” of Trump’s suggestion, and hysterically pointing to the evidence of Donald Trump’s obvious “racism,” coming from the man’s own mouth, clearly missing the fact that Islam is not a race.

Whenever one of these horrific attacks occur, these media weasels endlessly bleat, “t has nothing to do with Islam.”

Recently, President-elect Donald Trump’s newly-appointed National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was accused of “Islamophobia” when he tweeted that “fear of Muslims is RATIONAL.” Yes, because it has nothing to do with Islam.

From World Net Daily:

Monday’s attack on the OSU campus is the second such knife attack in Columbus this year by a Muslim immigrant.

In February, four people were wounded, one critically, while dining at the city’s Nazareth Mediterranean Restaurant, which is owned by an Arab Christian from Israel. The attacker in that case was Mohamed Barry, an immigrant from the West African country of Guinea who slashed diners with a machete before he was killed by police while shouting, “Allahu Akbar!”

One year ago, in November 2015, 18-year-old Muslim student Faisal Mohammad went on a stabbing spree at the University of California at Merced, wounding four fellow students before he was shot dead by an officer.

And in September of this year, a Somali refugee living in Minnesota went on a stabbing spree at a mall in St. Cloud, injuring 10 people before he was shot and killed by an alert off-duty cop. He asked shoppers if they were Muslim and if they said no, he attacked them with his knife.

Then yesterday, the attack at Ohio State University by 18-year-old Somali-born terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who added his own personal touch to the traditional hacking-innocent-people-shtick-with-machetes -and-butcher-knives, by trying to run over his victims with his car. There is no word on whether it had one of those cool “Co-Exist” bumper stickers.

But keep repeating: “it has nothing to do with Islam,”

As the number of victims of knife-wielding terrorists in the United States, who amazingly all are either the children of “refugees,” or “refugees” themselves and who are all Muslims, of all things, mounts, these same media dolts continue to fall all over themselves, wringing their hands trying to find the motive. What could it be? Could it by any chance have anything to do with Islam after all? No, it has nothing to do with Islam. Like Donald Trump, if you think so, you are “Islamophobic”. Or perhaps you have at least two functioning brain cells to rub together and are not completely rendered stupid by irrational, suicidal political correctness.

Here’s a reality check for all the silly, butt-hurt liberals, vacuous, blow-dried fools on cable TV, and backward children on college campuses claiming to be afraid of President-elect Donald Trump, some of whom probably only avoided being run over by their fellow student Mr. Artan because they were in their safe spaces with their comfort puppies while he was gunning his engine as he plowed into a crowd.

1. No matter what cable TV “experts,” and other “smart” stupid people tell you, there is nothing “unconstitutional” about a complete ban on the immigration of Muslims. Despite what Hillary Clinton has said, there is no right to be admitted to, or be allowed to live in the United States. Sorry to have to break it to you, but here’s the truth: If we want to refuse to admit everyone with green eyes, or choose to admit only people under 6 feet tall, there is NOTHING unConstitutional about it.

2. The number of these attacks will increase, with more innocent people killed or injured, unless we get a handle on the under-the-radar “seeding” of our country with Third-World “refugees”, a process promoted by so-called “volags”, volunteer agencies with names like Catholic Charities, and Lutheran Social Services. These names make them sound like purely charitable institutions without mentioning that they get paid by the head for each “refugee” resettled. Up to 90% of their funding for refugee resettlement comes from your tax dollars. Their CEOs earn six figure salaries to “remake” America. They work with the United Nations and the U.S. State Department to choose which “refugees” to bring to our country, and clearly they are doing a bang up (no pun intended) job.

3. People who come to our country from other safe countries, even if they did start their journeys in dangerous locales, are NOT “refugees”. Where is it written that we are responsible for people from all over the world who flee their native countries and decide that they want to live here? On last week’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, we discussed the Obama Regime’s secret negotiations with Australia to bring Muslim “refugees” currently housed in facilities off the coast of that country. “Refugees”? No, they aren’t. Just because Australia doesn’t want these people, that does not transform them into “refugees”, suddenly the responsibility of U.S. taxpayers. They are illegal aliens, and we have enough of our own of those. Of course, Barack Obama will do anything he can to advance his grand payback design to “remake” the demographics of way-too -white America, even as he goes out the door with his agenda resoundingly rejected.

4. At a micro level, this deceased teenage would-be mass murderer presents a combination of two of the worst possible attitudes; that is, millennial whiny entitlement crossed with a huge, religiously inspired sense of victimhood and grievance. These are not traits that we don’t already have in unfortunate abundance in this country. Let’s hope that the new administration understands that more “legal permanent residents”, on the fast track to citizenship, like this dead terrorist, are the last thing we need.

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