POS: Muslim Teacher CONDONES Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack In Front Of KIDS

Written by K. Walker on December 5, 2016

The left bends over backward to insist that Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace’. What do you say to THIS?

This middle-school teacher in the United Kingdom essentially said that the Charlie Hedbo attack was justified… in front of students.

Remember, it was an Al-Qaeda leader in Yemen that claimed responsibility for the attack.

This teacher is agreeing with terrorists:

Hamza Jalal Tariq, 28, effectively said during a lesson that the victims murdered by Islamist gunmen “should be killed for insulting the prophet”, a professional conduct panel ruled.

The panel heard Tariq made the comment in response to a student just days after 12 people were murdered in the French satirical newspaper’s Paris office in January last year.

Tariq was a teacher at Tower Hamlets PRU, which has four sites across the east London borough, since 2013, but resigned after the accusations surfaced…

…The Charlie Hebdo incident was said to have happened, according to one witness, when a student informed Tariq of the attack during a lesson he was assisting with and in response, in front of other pupils, said words to the effect that “they should be killed for insulting the prophet”.

Tariq, who taught a class of up to 14 eleven to 14-year-olds, denied this, along with most of the other allegations, saying they were “fabricated”.
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Violence over a cartoon is irrational.

Condoning violence over a cartoon in front of a classroom of children is unconscionable.

This teacher needs to leave the classroom immediately.


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