‘PROGRESSIVE’ Tech Tools WE Can Use Against The Left

Written by Kenn Daily on December 2, 2016

Wanted: One or more tech savvy conservatives.

The assignment?

Borrow strategies used by the globalist left to create an app and Chrome extensions.

The projects?

First, create a Chrome extension that will change language-loading terms on the Internet; reverting them to their honest meaning.

This idea is borrowed from a project currently being utilized by the globalist left (otherwise known as “Trumpophobes”).

Nbcnews.com reported that a group created a Chrome extension that, when downloaded, will change the term “alt-right” to “white supremacist.” The logic, according to the article, was to prevent white nationalists from “normalizing” their views.

It’s a great idea. If one extension can be created, multiple extensions can be created to change other terms to their more fitting meanings.

Here are some suggestions. Imagine Chrome extensions that would change:

“Black Live Matter” to “racist hate group”
“Democrat” to “Trumpophobe”
“Refugee” to “Islamic insurgent”
“Guest worker” to “illegal alien”
“Feminist” to “pseudo-feminist”
“Far right” to “reasonable right”
“Uncle Tom” to “black conservative”
“Gay rights” to “gay privilege”
“House minority leader” to “moron”

The possibilities are endless.

Second, create an app that would alert users to companies and organizations that supported Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign or that otherwise support left-leaning causes.

This idea was spawned after I posted a Facebook message. I asked readers to reply with names of companies that were either Trumpophobic or support the leftist agenda.

Among the host of companies recommended for boycotting were:

• PepsiCo

Reports say that PepsiCo chairwoman Indra Nooyi claimed her employees were “in mourning” after the November 8 presidential election.

Business Insider claimed Nooyi made the following statement:

Our employees are all crying. And the question that they’re asking, especially those who are not white: “Are we safe?” Women are asking: “Are we safe?” LGBT people are asking: “Are we safe?” I never thought I’d have had to answer those questions.

Nooyi also was accused of telling Trump supporters to “take your business elsewhere.” That rumor was never verified and is likely false.

• Virgin Airlines

Reports surfaced that Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson had funded an anti-Brexit effort.
The Guardian posted an article that reported:

Alan Milburn, the former Labour health minister and government social mobility tsar, is at the helm of a new group funded in part by Sir Richard Branson to fight Britain’s exit from the European Union. The aim is to bring together disparate pro-European groups behind an explicit campaign to reverse the referendum decision to leave, probably only after the government has revealed the content of its exit terms and the UK economy has reacted.

• Starbucks

Some suggested avoiding Starbucks due to the company’s support for gay marriage.

The company’s website includes this statement from CEO Howard Schultz:

Today’s Supreme Court ruling supporting marriage equality makes me proud to be an American, and especially proud of Starbucks legacy of advocating for equality and inclusion for all our partners for the last 44 years.

• Ben and Jerry’s

The infamous ice cream vendors were added to the list due to support of various liberal causes. Most notorious, perhaps, was the admission by co-founder Ben Cohen that he signed a petition supporting the defense of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Abu-Jamal was convicted in 1982 of killing Philadelphia Police officer Daniel Faulkner.

• Progressive Insurance

CEO Peter B. Lewis is a reputed patron of various left-wing causes and organizations. Recipients of Lewis’ generosity reportedly include America Coming Together and MoveOn.org (with George Soros matching his $10 and $2.5 million, respectively), $15 million to the American Civil Liberties Union, and donations to The Democratic Party.

Others noted a recent commercial in which company spokesperson, Flo, ridiculed the 1950s housewife.

• Johnson & Johnson

This company was added to the list after commercials were aired that featured a Thanksgiving family gathering. The Tylenol commercial presented a lesbian couple.

According to onemillionmoms.com:

Gay and lesbian couples are featured prominently in Tylenol’s new #HowWeFamily campaign, which aims to change the face of the American family. A same sex prom couple and two gay dads with a baby are among those featured in the campaign’s first TV ad. A voiceover declares, “Family isn’t defined by who you love, but how.” Tylenol is glorifying all modern family types by stating a family is based on love not traditional marriage, and then showing gay couples with their children. One Million Moms believes family is based on love, but this does not justify normalizing sin. 1MM does not agree with the need for Tylenol to support same sex marriages or couples.

Do you have other suggestions? Note them in the comment section below.


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Kenn Daily
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