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A Florida Middle School Football coach is under fire for kneeling as his players prayed, but Kapernick and Co. are free to take the knee during the anthem…

This is ridiculous.


Wakulla Middle School football coach Eddie Metcalf has faced criticism for kneeling alongside his team during a pregame prayer.

A video posted on Facebook Oct. 7 by Keith Whitfield, a team member’s parent, shows Metcalf taking a knee in the pregame huddle, though it’s unclear if he actually took part in the prayer led by one of his players.

According to the Wakulla County School Board, that “act of reverence” is against the law.

“That’s not allowable under the law,” Superintendent Robert Pearce told television station WCTV. “The coach may not participate in the prayer.”

The organization Freedom From Religion Foundation complained to the school board about the coach, calling his actions “unconstitutional” by promoting religion on the job.

“What we want our coaches to do — and what most people have survived with in regards to meeting the letter of the law — is to have separation from the players, two to three steps. You are allowed to have reverent respect for their prayer,” Pearce said, adding the district has held training seminars regarding prayer on the football field.
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The coach was with his players during their pre-game rituals.

There isnt’ even evidence that the coach prayed with the team, he was kneeling with them.

Isn’t kneeling ok in football?

So, is it right to take the knee in protest but not in reverence?

What exactly does ‘2 or 3 steps’ from the prayer mean?

He can stand off to the side and watch them?

What about removing his hat, was that ok?

These school board officials are a bunch of Pussified wimps.

If this wasn’t a Christian prayer, perhaps an act of reverence by Muslims, would it still be reprimanded?

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