Written by K. Walker on December 23, 2016

By: John Harden

ClashDaily Contributor

I liken Liberals (and Millennials) to house cats.

They have their own space in the laundry room, they are fed, watered and given a cat playhouse with scratching posts and furry mice to bat around. Sometimes they get down on some catnip. Because not unlike Libs, these cats have been given creature comforts and kept indoors. They don’t know anything about the outdoors, or normal cat hardship.

Instead of the cat being grateful for being kept safe, and fed and watered by its conservative masters, it sits at the door to the rest of the house and MEWS and MEOWS that it wants something more, but it is not quite sure what. Occasionally the cats will even kick kitty litter out of the box, as well as dried urine chunks and excrement, in protest against all the welfare provided (it has been documented that Libs and millennials have actually crapped and peed in protest in public, so this is not at all a metaphor).

When the cat is let into the bigger part of the house to wander, it lingers only for a brief moment before seeking a safe space behind the piano or under the couch, and even more quickly if the dogs see it and wish to converse or play.

How do you fix it, you ask? It’s quite simple: put the cat outside and make it fend for itself. It is an animal, and should know the outdoors. The same goes for Liberal Millennials, they must not be coddled, given scratching posts and safe spaces, because the bigger part of the house that is the world we live in is scary, and those that can’t cut it out there, better stay in the damn laundry room and stop kicking litter and crap all over my tile floor.





John is an 8 year Infantry Combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He currently owns and operates his own private security firm out of Tampa, FL.


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