QUESTION: Who’s MORE Of A Threat To The U.S. – Liberals Like Hillary Or Russia?

Written by K. Walker on December 13, 2016

Is America facing a greater threat from leftist political elites than from foreign entities like Russia? Check THIS out…


Piers Morgan, who it seems is not a left-wing ‘Fake News’ peddler, wrote a scathing piece about the threat to American Democracy. He claims that the greater threat is actually from within — the Democrats that can’t handle the Trump electoral victory.

Morgan begins with the flashback to the outrage that Hillary and her surrogates voiced when Trump said that the election was rigged and he would leave the option open to contest it if the results were close. They mocked and shamed, said it was ‘unprecedented’ and called him ‘un-American’.

It never crossed their elitist, arrogant, superior minds that Trump, a man they perceived to be an ignorant, unelectable Neanderthal, had a cat-in-hell’s chance of beating the woman dubbed ‘the most qualified candidate in history’ by President Obama.

Then Trump sensationally triumphed, sparking weeks of Biblical scale weeping and wailing from those who opposed him.

Their deluded, defiant, sore loser fury has known no bounds.

Indeed, it has now escalated in its intensity and desperation.

‘But Hillary won the popular vote!’ they first shrieked, meaninglessly. As everyone with half a brain knows, the US general election is not and never has been decided by popular vote. If it were, then campaigning would be done in a very different way.

‘The election results were fixed!’ they then bellowed, as Green loser Jill Stein launched a pathetic evidence-devoid bid, backed by Clinton’s campaign, to demand recounts in three states. Her lamentable action was thrown out by judges in Pennsylvania and Michigan. And in Wisconsin, the only state where there’s been a full recount, Trump’s lead actually increased!

Now, the Clinton camp’s launched one final, breathtakingly stupid and highly dangerous Hail Mary pass.

In an astonishing development, Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta has publicly endorsed an attempted coup by members of the Electoral College to try to overturn the election result next week.

Morgan explains that ten members of the Electoral College are requesting that James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, give them more information on Trump’s ties to Russia before they cast their ballots on December 19. The Electors want to ensure that Trump is fit to be President of the United States and not just a Russian puppet… because Trump had made a request for Russia to provide Hillary’s 30,000 lost emails.

Podesta just supported this echoing the claim that Russia intervened in the election by hacking emails of Democrats, despite Julian Assange’s vociferous claims to the contrary.

It’s thus a mass Democrat-led effort to thwart Trump’s presidency from even starting.

There’s just one problem, and it’s the exact same problem that made a mockery of Jill Stein’s complaint: there is no actual evidence to support any of this.

Nobody has proven the Russians hacked anyone in this election, and nobody has proven Trump knew about any such hacking even if it ever occurred.

They’re all just guessing.

Or in the case of the CIA, it is their ‘belief’ that Russia and Wikileaks were in cahoots. In which case, I suggest they very quickly show us why they believe this, not least because the FBI doesn’t apparently share its rival agency’s opinion.

The CIA and the FBI don’t agree, and frankly, it’s looking like ‘Fake News’.

…Say the Russians did target Democrats’ emails, and gave them to Julian Assange’s vociferously anti-Clinton team to deliberately influence the election.

a) It would hardly be a great surprise and b) whose fault would that be?

I’d say the fault of the CIA, FBI and every other US intelligence agency charged with preventing such hacking from occurring.

They all knew about the massive threat of an online attack during this election.

Morgan then slams Obama for his hypocrisy for denouncing ‘Russian’ interference and his own ‘foreign entity’ interference in the Brexit vote. He told Britons that they should vote to stay in the E.U. or they would be pushed to the ‘back of the line’ for future trade deals. It was a blatant attempt to ‘rig’ the Brexit vote by a powerful leader.

Morgan calls the attempt to interfere with the Electoral College ‘an equally sinister attempt to tamper with the will of the people’.

Now she is targeting the very cornerstone of American democracy, using spurious allegations about unproven Russian hacking to persuade members of the Electoral College to change the votes they are supposed to automatically cast to reflect the votes of their individual state electorate.

As the Democrats berated Trump when he said he might not accept the result: this is not just an unprecedented and dangerous attack on democracy, it’s profoundly un-American.
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