Sheriff Clarke Says, ‘ALL Cop Killers Should Get The DEATH Penalty’ – Do YOU Agree?

Published on December 9, 2016

We need to decide… what is a cop’s life REALLY worth to us?

“The senseless slaughter of America’s finest continues. My heart and prayers go out to the good people in the state of Georgia,” Sheriff Clarke said. “It rips my heart out every time I hear. When a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty, a bit of every law enforcement officer in America dies with them.”

Sheriff Clarke argued that every cop killer should receive the death penalty, even in states that don’t have capital punishment.

“Then the federal government – the federal court system – should enact a death penalty for these cases, and they should go through the federal system,” he said. “And upon conviction they should be put to death.” -FoxNews

Some might wonder why the death of a police officer should be treated differently than any other murder. But we already know the reason. We don’t treat all crime the same.

We treat threats against the President more seriously than we treat threats against a private citizen.

This is not because a President is a better or more valuable person than the citizen. But because a threat against the President is not just a threat against one man, but against the Republic, and against the rule of law.

The police are more than the individual men and women in uniform. They act by the common consent of the governed, they are charged with the task of keeping the peace… we see what happens in parts of the world without such a force.

It is fashionable, right now, to pile hatred and abuse on the police force… George Soros is funding an entire movement that does little else… but without them, society is reduced to a lawless dog-eat-dog world.

We already have one crime — treason — that treats otherwise ordinary acts of violence or corruption as a far more serious offence.

The argument would be that murder of a law enforcement officer is, in a parallel sense, an attack on all of us.

If so, the punishment for such an attack should be treated as even more serious.

With the recent surge in anti-police violence, we need to answer this question sooner rather than later. What do YOU think?

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