SHOCKING: OSU Students Say The Attack By Somali Refugee WASN’T Terrorism

Written by K. Walker on December 20, 2016

By:  John Harden

ClashDaily Contributor

OSU students say Somali attacker doesn’t “meet their definition of terrorism”.

Let’s start this with a brief definition of terrorism (the actual definition, not the OSU student definition). Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Now in the broadest scope of things, what Somalian refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan did could absolutely be considered terrorism following his anti-American rant online, wouldn’t you agree? For those of you just tuning in, he drove a car into a group of college students and then began to attack others with a large blade. Prior to this, he essentially called Anwar-Al-Awlaki a “Hero” (a radical Muslim cleric, an American/Yemeni, responsible for recruiting and planning for Al Qaeda). Following the attack, ISIS claimed responsibility with a vivacious “Allah Akbar” and called for a lone wolf encore. Even more riveting, is the fact that Al Shabaab, a terrorist organization from SOMALIA, pledged allegiance to ISIS at the onset of their caliphate in order to drive their extremist sword. But this small detail is often ignored, made to seem as if these Somalian refugees just get “fed up” and decide to get to stabbing.

Let’s look at his actions for a moment and see what other situations match this one. In Minnesota, Dahir Adan went on a stabbing spree at a mall in St. Cloud, also a Somalian refugee with extremist views, who’s attack was claimed by ISIS. In Israel, terrorists with ties to Hamas continuously utilize vehicles to kill Israelis, and Hamas immediately claims the attack. These same zealots have also been known to conduct major knife wielding attacks in public to great effect. Now while some Palestinians would argue, the organization known as Hamas is considered a terrorist entity, a radical sect of Islam, hell bent on destroying Israel and the west. Let us also not forget the ISIS claimed truck attack in Nice, France on “Bastille Day” that killed 84.

Very few realize that another part of the world as we know it is having a very similar issue, but is kept as quiet (by the media) as possible. I am referring, of course, to the Extremist Muslim problem in Xinjiang Province, CHINA. For those that are unaware (which may be quite a large number) the Chinese military has been dealing quite harshly with an “outbreak” of extremist proportions, from suicide bombings to mass stabbings. Uighur Separatists, who are predominantly Muslim, and believe Xinjiang should be a free state from China, are responsible for this violence. The most recent attack to take place was in Kunming in June of 2016, and consisted of 4 attackers wielding knives, who killed 33 and injured 130. All of these attacks have a major theme in common: the fact that they were perpetrated by and claimed by extremist terrorist groups, hell bent on destroying civilization.

When OSU students and faculty are interviewed, and they declare that his attack was perpetrated for any reason but the aforementioned reasons cited, you have to ask, “does OSU offer Counter Terror Degrees?” The answer is a resounding NO. What did the students and faculty blame Abdul Razak’s attack on you ask? The usual, uneducated, go-to answers for all problems of course: Racism, Inequality, and a very interesting phenomena that teachers have dubbed the “Trump Effect”. (This is an all encompassing phrase used to place blame for anything negative that happens post election, kinda like ’90s doctors and ADHD when a kid had too much energy.) I can tell you what Trump being elected actually did (besides the obvious new rivers and lakes created at most colleges, made of liberal and millennial tears). Trump being elected showed those entities at work with nefarious intent against this country that the American people haven’t decided to live on their knees and allow themselves to be taken advantage of. This American, forward thinking and defiant attitude angers groups like HAMAS, ISIS, Uighur Separatists, BOKO HARAM, AL SHABAAB and others. They wanted us to be enslaved socially by faceless wealthy elitists so that they could rip us apart. Instead we chose a leader with the tenacity (in the Marine Corps we simply call it testicular fortitude) who wants to take the fight back to the enemy, which means they can no longer operate globally unhindered.

College students, your job is to learn. Before speaking your underdeveloped adult minds and regurgitating your Marxist professors’ opinion on what terrorism is, and think with your emotions and feelings, perhaps you ought to do some brain work and connect the dots instead of being told what to think by someone with an agenda. The OSU students and faculty interviewed pointed their fingers in so many directions with complete speculation and no real information, they didn’t have one to pick their nose with. All they ACTUALLY needed to do was point one finger at the obvious and repetitive cause: TERRORISM. Or perhaps at the cost of more lives, you’ll try not to hurt someone’s feelings, and be “tolerant” of the plight of those that want to see your utopian dreams destroyed. Abdul Razak painted himself as “afraid to pray in public” and decried our skepticism with “not all Muslims are terrorists” (We know that, Abdul) just long enough for you to let your guard down. Believe it or not, critical thinking can still be conducted while being kind to someone new to this country, to assess the situation and the person objectively and without guilt. Just do so at arms (plus a knife) distance.

UPDATE: Now, in Germany and in Turkey more Terrorist attacks have occurred, one utilizing a truck and the other an assassination of a Russian ambassador , and CNN in all their splendor still can’t call it what it is. This is an example of willful ignorance. Our president-elect has the intestinal fortitude to call it what it is. Perhaps it’s time for the rest of the world to do the same.





John is an 8 year Infantry Combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He currently owns and operates his own private security firm out of Tampa, FL.

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