SICK: 13 Yr. Old Girl FORCED To Marry The 20 Yr. Old Rapist RELATIVE That Got Her Pregnant

Published on December 19, 2016

Paging all Progressives! Leftists keep saying that, ‘All cultures are equal’, right? Anything to say about THIS case?

Protests and outrage in Tunisia as a pregnant 13-year old girl was forced to marry the 20-year old brother of her brother in law.

The age of consent in Tunisia is 15.

A 13-year-old girl has been forced to marry a 20-year-old relative who got her pregnant after allegedly raping her.

A Tunisian court approved the marriage between the young girl and her brother-in-law on Tuesday – causing uproar across the country.

Children’s rights groups in the north African country have since tirelessly campaigned against the court’s decision and called for the marriage to be annulled.

The marriage between the girl and the brother of her brother-in-law took place in the presence of their parents, despite attempts to stop it.

According to a judge, who has asked to remain anonymous, the judge in the case was relying on an article in the Tunisian Criminal Code.

Under article 227 the law states that while sex with a girl under 15 without the use of force is punishable by six years in prison, if the culprit marries his victim he can halt proceedings

…The ministry of Women’s Affairs, Family and Children in Tunisia released a statement saying it was deeply concerned by the decision.

It also called on the country’s parliament to speed up the process of adopting a bill that would make marital rape illegal and lead and would seen an end to impunity for rapists if their victims are under 20 and they subsequently marry them.
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Protests have erupted in the North African country against the judge’s decision and the antiquated law.



(The sign reads ‘The perpetuation of the rape of Children’)

In short, we have INCENTIVIZED the marrying off of underage rape victims to their attackers so that they can avoid prison AND keep raping their victims (because in Islam… a wife who says ‘no’ to her husband can be ‘lightly beaten’ for doing so.)

Wow. Feminists must LOVE that arrangement… because we NEVER get to hear them denounce such practices.

…but if this were a ‘Methodist’ tradition all hell would break loose.

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