WATCH: Democrat DUMBASS, Up For DNC Chair, Thinks GERMANS Bombed Pearl Harbor!

Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please! PLEASE let this douchebag be the DNC Chair!

When Rep. Keith Ellison opens his mouth, it’s generally a gift for Republicans, because that dude says the DUMBEST things.

He’s about as smart as a sack of hammers.

If the Dems are trotting this guy out as the new leader, maybe a lesson in US History is in order.

Or not.

Watch Dumbass Keith Ellison’s latest:

Uncle Sam has a quick statement for Rep. Keith Ellison:


This is the guy in the lead to be DNC Chair.

If this is where the DNC wants to go — far Left — then who are we to stand in their way.

Here is the likely (figurative) outcome of the Democratic Party if Ellison becomes their Chair:


If Democrats want to implode their party by choosing a ‘Moderate Muslim’ that thinks the government is entitled to rich people’s money, wanted a separate country for Blacks, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Nation of Islam… go for it!

It’ll make elections much easier because Democrats won’t have a hope in Hades.

On a side note…

Really, Minnesota, what the hell?

You elected this clown to Congress 6 times.


Get your crap together, Minnesota!

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