WATCH: Hollywood Idiot Goes TOPLESS In Mermaid Garb For ‘Holiday Wish’ (VOMIT WARNING!)

Perhaps a more appropriate tail choice would have been ‘Manatee’.

Lena Dunham is having a very “mermaid Christmas.”

The 30-year-old’s holiday wish apparently came true on Saturday when she graced a sandy beach topless in a sparkling blue mermaid tail.

“And then she got her holiday wish aka her lifelong wish… we wish you a mermaid Christmas,” the Girls creator captioned a photo of herself covering her breasts as she lounged on the shore.
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This isn’t a wish, it’s a nightmare:


I’ve been scarred!



Quick, where’s the eye-bleach?

No one wants to see this!

Honestly, Lena.



Aren’t we all supposed to be kind at Christmas?

What happened to ‘good will to all men’?

This is just after the ‘Girls’ creator came under fire after she said she wished she’d had an abortion.


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