WATCH: Muslim Man KICKS Woman Down Stairs Landing On Her FACE!

Written by K. Walker on December 8, 2016

This is sick! You won’t believe what happens right after…

A young German woman was walking down the stairs in the subway when she is suddenly kicked from behind by a stranger who goes out of his way to do it.

The man stops and looks at her. A group of other men can then be seen in the frame, and observe the woman at the bottom of the stairs before they calmly walk away.

As the video is being spread, many are reporting that it was a ‘migrant gang’ responsible for the unprovoked attack. This has yet to be confirmed.

One YouTuber, Act For Germany, says reported, ‘police are neither searching for the perpetrators nor have determined whether the video evidence is usable.’

This is what is leading to the speculation of a ‘migrant gang’ being responsible.

The German government is careful with its ‘über-tolerance’ to not portray ‘Merkel’s Migrants’ in a bad light.

Watch the report from the German newspaper, Bild:

Here is the captioning provided:

Multiple men follow a young woman into a subway station.

Unaware, the 26-year-old begins to walk down the stairs as one of the men brutally kicks her.

As the men calmly walk away, passers-by hurry to help her. She has to receive outpatient treatment.

According to police, the attack was unprovoked. A police complaint for assault has been filed.

From the Daily Mail:

CCTV shows the young woman walking through the metro station in Berlin when the man comes up behind her, holding a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

The yob, dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, aims a targeted kick at her back, toppling her down the stairs, and then walks away.

His three companions glance at the woman lying on the floor before leaving. One of them even leans down to pick up a beer bottle and then walks off…

…A crowd of people quickly came to help the woman, who was taken to hospital. The attack took place on October 27 shortly after midnight.

Watch the uncensored version of the video:

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