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News Clash

WATCH: ‘Poor Refugees,’ Convicted Of Sex Crimes, Laugh & Dance After Being Set Free

“Two men who were part of the ‘mass frenzy’ of sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve grinned and cheered outside court yesterday after only being handed suspended sentences.”

That sounds pretty serious. But can we give them the benefit of the doubt? Maybe they were bit players in a bigger incident?

The judge said the duo acted like ‘animals’ towards their victims.

On the same day they were sentenced, Thursday, the German parliament voted to significantly tighten up the national laws concerning rape in a measure dubbed ‘no means no.’ —DailyMail

Isn’t that ‘Rape Culture’? Maybe Rolling Stone or Lena Dunham would take an interest in this story?

Both the accused took pictures with their two victims before the sexual assaults. The two women broke down and wept while testifying against them.

Jennifer W 27, sobbed as she described how she was grabbed on her buttocks and then fondled by another man while a third tried to plunder cash from her purse.

Her friend Lena S. told how she screamed ‘NO! NO! NO!’ when attacked. —Dailymail

Are they merely ‘misunderstood’? Some have tried to claim that they don’t understand that assaulting women is WRONG in this part of the world. Culture shock or some such thing.

Does that claim hold up under scrutiny? Have a look:

An Algerian, Hassan T was also found guilty of being an accomplice to a sexual assault carried out by a group of around 20 men.

The 26-year-old told a man who was walking with two female victims ‘Give me the girls, give me the girls – or you’re dead.’

The court said this was attempted assault. Hassan T was also handed a one-year suspended jail term.

Hassan T has been in Germany since autumn 2014, Hussein A. since September 2015. —Dailymail

Do you NORMALLY threaten to murder someone when you are behaving within the NORMAL bounds of the law and human decency?

If so, their culture is more toxic than even our more cynical member observers had suspected.

That’s not really a defense is it?

Notice these relative newcomers to Germany are NOT from Syria. They’re from Algeria and Iraq. They brought their contempt of the West with them.

Do you think this slap on the wrist from a Western legal system many ‘refugees’ don’t even Recognize as Valid will stop them?

Is THIS a picture of contrition?


Or is it the picture of someone laughing at morons who let him get away scott free?

Good thing there is no Dailymail“>AMERICAN equivalent to this situation… Right?

Oops. There goes the narrative.

We should get started on that wall. Quick.

Share if you THIS lawlessness is why we need secure borders.