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WATCH: Tucker Mops Floor With Muslim Chick Who’s BLAMING Terrorism On AMERICANS!

Tucker Carlson does it again… and it’s SPECTACULAR.

On his show, Tucker Carlson welcomed his guest, Engy Abdelkader, a Professor from Georgetown University and discussed ‘victim-blaming’.

She starts off by saying that there is no justification for an attack like the one at OSU…


…studies have shown that ‘Islamophobia’ can lead to the ‘radicalization’ of Muslims.



The OSU attacker had lamented that he didn’t have a place to pray and that there was so much bias in the ‘media’ about Muslims… he didn’t know what people would think if they saw him.

In the same article, he did pray, and nobody reacted…

…reported the school newspaper that asked him about his religion.


Presumably, the paper was not trying to make him look like a terrorist.

A few months later, he was ranting on social media about the plight of Muslims, threatened violence against infidels and then he used his car and a machete to attack random people on campus.

But maybe it’s our fault somehow.

The ‘Lantern’ shouldn’t have written a glowing article profiling him.

His neighbors shouldn’t have been pleasant and greeted the ‘smiling, happy’ Muslim student.

Look we all recognize that there are lots and lots of wonderful people that are Muslim and no one is suggesting that every single Muslim is a terrorist. That’s asinine.

No, what Tucker suggested, is that there is something within Islam that makes people think that resorting to murderous acts is ok, and even laudable.

That’s not for the external society to gut — it’s for the Islamic society to examine, root out and correct that thinking.

This Professor says, no. It’s not within Islam that’s the problem it’s ‘Islamophobia’.

Then she gives statistics that are utterly false.

Well, we shouldn’t be surprised.

These are the same people that cover up women because it’s wrong to have men lust after them… as opposed to men dealing with their own lust.


It’s just easier to blame the victim than look inward at the cause.

If this woman speaks for the majority of Muslims, (and we hope she doesn’t!) it would seem that in Islamic societies, victim-blaming is used to justify both the individual and the group at large.

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K. Walker

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