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WTF: Andrea Mitchell, ‘America Didn’t See Hillary’s Humanity – Viewed Her As MAN’

Feminism has LOST it’s MIND. Is it GOOD to see a woman the same as a man? Is it demeaning?

Feminists are going further and further down the rabbit hole on this one.

Not that many years, the complaint from self-respecting women was that we did NOT view women as men. Equal in ability. Equal in performance. Equal in pay. The whole deal.

What happened? Now we’ve got THIS?

Listen to them whine after the election:

‘People don’t like her’

And ‘all the focus groups’ said that people related to Hillary Clinton as a man… as though she was a ‘Commander of (sic) Chief’.

‘People view her as a man, they do not see the humanity in her.’

Do Democrats know how to be anything OTHER the victim?

Could people not like her because she’s a heartless bitch who puts her own ambitions ahead of little things, like a fair Primary process?

If she’s treated ‘like a man’ why is that a bad thing? Or is it a bad thing because MEN have now been regulated the caste of people officially despised by the elite? To be treated like a man NOW means to be treated worse than a woman ought to be treated?

No. She wanted to be treated BETTER than a man. And how DARE the plebians fail to yield to the dignity they had been graced with.

She wanted to be treated with humanity that many men are not afforded… especially in places where her views hold sway. College campuses for instance.

How many kinds of privilege will you have today?

It was ‘so nasty coming from the other side’.

Ohh. That’s truly deplorable. Someone should DO something about that.

Maybe fit you for an orange jumpsuit.

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