YES! Mike Rowe Slams Sad, Pessimistic, SNOWFLAKES And It’s BRILLIANT!

Published on December 11, 2016

The thing that REALLY divides us ISN’T what identity group we belong to… it’s something so much simpler.

Are you Optimistic or Pessimistic?

Are you the sort of person who sits around and waits for the perfect opportunity to present itself and jump out at you, or do you adapt and overcome?

Or do you grab a skill in a job that everyone’s actually LOOKING for?

There’s truth in what they say about opportunity being disguised as hard work. And we’re doing our youth a disservice by telling them that the only REAL path forward involves a college degree.

It is ONE way forward, sure… but by no means the ONLY way.

How many students have been so busy dreaming of that your ‘dream job’… gladly interning for free at some downtown agency … that real, viable and satisfying opportunities have sailed right by them because the jobs seemed to be ‘beneath’ them.

Rowe compared that to the kid who ‘dreams of making it big by singing’. And doesn’t hear an honest criticism about his lack of singing ability until he’s standing in front of someone like Simon Cowell.

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