YO, SNOWFLAKES: Hunting Will Make A MAN Out Of YOU

Written by K. Walker on December 20, 2016

A photographer accompanied a father and his 11-year old son on a hunt in Arkansas and learned some valuable lessons.

It was not until the hog bolted, snarling and afraid, that I realized the extent of my vulnerability. According to the plan, the 230-pound pig was to be “bayed” by a small but adept pack of hounds until pit bulls and, later, knife-wielding hunters arrived on the scene. But when humans and dogs and wild pigs endeavor to survive one another, plans can turn to hopeful outlines.

Until that point, I had pursued the melee deep into the wooded banks of the Mississippi River with an irrational belief that, despite the prospect of danger, I had little to fear. But as the boar dashed in my direction, my heartbeat skyrocketed and my hands began to tremble and sweat. I spun around desperately looking for men with knives and grit and experience. Not one was in sight. I saw only Drew Moore, a slender, unarmed, 11-year-old boy. I figured he’d be of little help.

“What the hell do we do if it comes at us?” I yelled. Drew barked in a tone that implied my question was stupid and the answer obvious: “You better get up a tree!” His cheeks were flushed and his eyes narrowed as he scanned our surroundings. The sounds of the hog drew closer but it remained shrouded in thick brush. I surveyed the available trees; all were thin and virtually limbless. I noticed, though, that Drew had chosen a trunk, and his hand rested loosely on it as he continued to search for signs of the advancing boar…

…The whirlwind flew past, leaving us alone again. I glanced at Drew, who appeared heartily amused to see a man 25 years his senior quaking in his boots. “Can you really get up one of those trees?” I asked as we began to chase after the bedlam. “Mister Pete,” he said, “if a hog’s comin’ at me, I’ll get up a tree a squirrel couldn’t get up.” He hurried his pace and took the lead, ducking branches and thickets, with me stumbling along behind…

…With distance and time to reflect on that day, I think about our evolutionary trajectory. We humans were once weaponless—defenseless against larger, faster, stronger predators. Some anthropologists say that our need for food along with our susceptibility to danger gave rise not only to the invention of weapons but to the highly social structures and gender roles of humankind today.
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Hunting can help the pussified masses learn some hard truths about life that we’ve lost in urban societies.

It’s a lesson that too many still need to learn.

If you haven’t gone hunting yet, start by reading these:

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