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BOMBSHELL: FBI Investigation Into ‘ELECTION HACKING’ By Russia Didn’t Include THIS Vital Evidence

Obama has expelled Russian diplomats, said that Russia ‘hacked’ the Election ad nauseam, referring to the FBI-DHS joint document as proof. Some are questioning that ‘proof’ because of new information released.

How can we trust these people? Talk about phoning it in…

The FBI did not request to examine the DNC servers themselves, instead relying on the word of a third-party contractor.


The FBI never asked the Democratic National Committee if it could examine a computer server that was the subject of cyber attacks last year.

Instead federal law enforcement relied on data that, Crowdstrike, a private computer security company, gathered from the device.

The FBI later endorsed the conclusion that Russian intelligence services were behind the hacking, and that their goal was to help Donald Trump win the November presidential election.

‘The DNC had several meetings with representatives of the FBI’s Cyber Division and its Washington Field Office, the Department of Justice’s National Security Division, and U.S. Attorney’s Offices, and it responded to a variety of requests for cooperation,’ DNC deputy communications director Eric Walker told BuzzFeed, ‘but the FBI never requested access to the DNC’s computer servers.’

Trump’s incoming press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters on a Thursday morning conference call that ‘the DNC is on the record saying the FBI never contacted them to validate claims by Crowdstrike, which is the third-party tech security firm, and never actually requested the hacked server.’

‘You know, I would equate this to no one actually going to a crime scene to actually look at the evidence,’ Spicer declared…

…But the FBI’s decision to leave the forensic investigation in the hands of a for-profit company will shed new doubts on the Obama administration’s only public conclusion so far, that hackers tied to Moscow were responsible.

‘There’s just no way to be sure the FBI was making decisions based on solid evidence,’ a Republican Senate aide told on Friday, requesting anonymity to speak freely.

‘This would be like the National Weather Service predicting with 100 per cent certainty that there will be three feet of snow in New York tomorrow, based on weather radar that it doesn’t control.’
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We now have Cold War-style rhetoric and the deliberate de-legitimization campaign of an incoming President.

And it’s based on what exactly?

Well, it’s not based on the FBI actually examining the DNC servers.

Dontcha think that might be important?

You know, examine the ‘crime scene’ and all…

But hey, what do we know about investigations.

We just know what we see on TV, and on TV — they look at the evidence.


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