BOOM! Look What Trump IMMEDIATELY Put Back In The Oval Office

Published on January 21, 2017

Small details tell big stories. Like this one.

Obama, who spent much of his administration snubbing our friends and sucking up to our rivals, made waves early in his presidency by getting rid of the Winston Churchill bust.

You remember him..? He was the one guy who recognized Hitler as a threat before anyone else did, and helped lead the charge to defeat the Nazis.

He’s considered one of Britains’ greatest statesman ever.

And Obama evidently did NOT want to look at his face.

And on Day ONE of the presidency? BOOM!

President Donald Trump didn’t take long to put his stamp on the Oval Office, reinstalling a bust of Winston Churchill that had gotten the boot under President Obama.
The Churchill bust was on view as Trump took some of his first actions as president, signing executive orders and a waiver to let generals serve in his cabinet despite prohibitions on ex-military tenure.
There was a transatlantic flap when Obama removed the Churchill bust in 2009. The White House at first denied it had been removed, but it was later confirmed that it had been returned to the British Embassy. –DailyMail

By the way… that same media that tried to play down Obama’s removal of Churchill’s bust?

They POUNCED on an unvetted rumor about Trump having a different Bust removed.

Why did they pounce on it? Because it fits the ‘racist’ lie they’ve been spinning since day one. #FakeNews

What was the false story that a bunch of journalists retweeted? They claimed Trump had removed the MLK bust. Would it have been hard to fact-check the story? Obviously not:

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