BREAKING: What Nicole Kidman Said About Trump Will Make Hollywood VOMIT!

Can you say Classy? Who would have guessed a Hollywood A-lister would say something like THAT!

Here’s the clip, see it for yourself. She’s promoting her film in this interview, and around the thirteen-minute mark, the conversation shifts to politics.

She’s not intensely political. She describes herself as ‘issues based’.

Bu when asked point-blank, she gives a solid answer, that in any OTHER election even the losing side would say ‘nailed it’.


‘I’m always reticent to comment politically, I’ve never done it in terms of America or Australia. I’m issue-based. … So I just say, he’s now elected, and we as a country need to support whosever the President, because that’s what the country’s based on. And however that happened, he’s there, and let’s go.’

Look at that. Class. Intelligence. Maturity.

It DOES still exist in Hollywood.

And to all the Meryl Streep wannabes and other whiny Hollywood brats who think their opinion about Trump’s flaws (both real and imagined) is so very important to the rest of us?

This is for you:


Obama was happy to say ‘Elections Have Consequences’ when it served him well to do so. That’s as true now as ever before.

Share if you AGREE that ‘Elections have Consequences’.

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