BREAKING: WikiLeaks Offers $20K BOUNTY For Obama Admin Records

Published on January 4, 2017

Just wondering… is Obama allowed pardoning himself?

Obama’s been working so hard at covering for Hillary on the deleted email issue… is this an issue of HER knowing where the ‘bodies are buried’?

Obama, so very worried about his legacy, and promising so loudly to be scandal free was not expecting a Republican sweep to follow his term in office.

There were already glimpses of contact between Obama and Hillary’s secret server.

Are there OTHER secrets that Bleach Bit won’t be able to wash away?

If there are, the motivation to reveal them just got a lot higher!

Julian Assange pointed to historical precedent to explain his reasons.

Considering the known scandals…

… Fast And Furious.
… IRS targeting Conservatives
… Benghazi coverup


There’s a good chance that there are at least a few uncomfortable secrets he’d rather we don’t know about.

Share if this news will have SOME in Washington losing a LOT of sleep.

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