DEAR AMERICA: Should Trump Have NETANYAHU Speak At The Inauguration? (SHARE If You LOVE The Idea!)

Published on January 3, 2017

Can you IMAGINE how the Left would lose their minds if BIBI were a guest speaker?

It’s no secret that Trump and Netanyahu are friends.

It’s no secret that Trump is a going to be a great ally to Israel.

(Certainly better than Obama & Co.)

If Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at Trump’s Inauguration, it would send a clear message to everyone *cough* IRAN *cough* that America is Israel’s ally.

And for the next 8 years, you’d better not eff with Israel.

It would also show up Obama as the anti-Israel douchebag that he is.

And, as a bonus, it would stick it to Kerry, too.

All the pro-Palestinian crowd would all go apeshit.

Whatever ‘minds’ the Left has would go more explodey than an ISIS militant at an all-girls school.

Not just on Twitter… but in real life, too.


Brace yourselves.


Ummm… yeah.

That level of ignorance ought to be criminally prosecuted.

I think we just figured out how Hillary won the ‘popular vote’.


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