DISGUSTING: Fast Food Worker Put THE UNSPEAKABLE On Customer’s Burger – She’s NOW In Custody

Would Ashley Judd be proud or repulsed? Speaking of ‘Nasty Women’, check out this PRIME example.

Warning: This is GRAPHIC.

Sky Juliett Samuel, 18, turned herself in Monday morning to the Columbus Police Department and was released after she posted $5,000 bond, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

The Columbus Police Department issued a warrant for her arrest Friday.

Samuel was working at Jack’s Restaurant January 7 when she allegedly put menstrual blood and saliva on a cheeseburger she served to a drive-thru customer between 10:00 and 10:30 p.m.

The victim, who is unidentified, reported the incident to police.

A co-worker told her mother what transpired, the details of which started to gain traction once her mother posted about it on Facebook, WJTV reported.
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Samuel’s vile behavior did indeed cost her her job.

She has been charged under the 2013 Mississippi Code for ‘knowingly sell unwholesome bread or drink‘.

If found guilty she faces a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison.

That is unbelievably disgusting.

There just aren’t words.

If some of your liberal friends think this is funny but crass, or a ‘form of protest’… remember that there are diseases that are blood-borne like HIV, Hepatitis B and Ebola.

That’s beyond disgusting.

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